“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”
– Albert Einstein.

Philosophers have across time and memorial marvelled and wondered about the enigmatic entity that the mind is.

The mind is a collection of perception, calculations, memories and instincts. 

The mind as we know it is like the super bowl, constantly and unconsciously being filled with information and data, much more than are needed at a given time. We make use of what we need at any particular moment  and the rest is automatically stored up in the infinite space of this super bowl. Simply put, the mind is like an iceberg; only 10% of it can be perceived.


I’ve always thought I was psychic, judging from numerous uncalculated and mysteriously correct deductions and conclusions I arrive at sometimes. Well, it is only rational to think that I’m psychic when something from my subconscious resurfaces. We only become aware of thing our brains have known all along and have been stored up in our subconscious even before we thought about it.


Indeed, every experience, text, sound and impulse matter. They are the substances with which the mind constructs edifices. This explains why individual minds are structurally and functionally different. We are exposed to different building materials, hence, our perceptions and calculations differ. Similarly, individuals exposed to the same materials/substances are very much capable of thinking alike.

So much has been made of the imaginative power of the mind. The ability to construct events consciously from available data, experiences and memories is empowering. Having a vivid imaginative mind sets one apart and adds an advantage, if properly channelled and harnessed. However, you’ll still have to deal with the occasional overdrive, insomnia and ache until you can consciously flip the “switch.”

What happens when the mind fails? What if the informations become blurry and incoherent? What do we do when we cannot think straight or rely on this massive super bowl to decide and conclude?! Any active thinker would tell you how nightmarish this could be; a dream you sorely wish you could make up from. The moment you close your eyes and give into the subconscious in the hope of a grand response and you get nothing in return, there, that is your clue that  something is terribly wrong.

On days like this, when your mind seems to desert you, the only remedy is to stop thinking and start feeling. Even as some of us believe in cause and effect, a day comes when we have to stop being principled and pragmatic. On such days, our hearts is where we find the required answers.

Ultimately, the most important decisions aren’t made by the mind; where we find our most profound intelligence is after all in the heart.

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