The aftermath of what women want too has been pleasantly gruelling and enlightening. I have been quizzed by disgruntled and equally excited members of both sex. In my defence, I’ve been forced to agree with some ladies that “no man” (apparently they haven’t met some of us) can honestly and sanely fulfill those “obligations”.

Are they really obligations? Aren’t they supposed to be every man’s duties and responsibilities? Shouldn’t they be things every and all men should provide and bring to the table in a relationship?! 

“There is always a huge difference between ‘I have to do this’ and ‘I get to do this’.”


Men are amazing creatures. Simple, with uncomplicated but unique needs, wants and desires. Men of all ages WANT  three things more than any other in a relationship.

(When a rich n*gga wants you and your n*gga can’t do nothing for you…)

This has to be the ultimate want. All men want to be safe in the knowledge that they’ve got a loyal woman. It gives us great pleasure, pride and honour to know that our women are EXCLUSIVELY ours! Apart from this, every man wants a woman who has got his back against all odds and in any situation or condition. That woman who is there for us, at all times is priceless and for her, we can move mountains.

It hurts to know that loyalty is so underrated by some women of this generation. It is the most important thing in any relationship in my opinion. After all, loyalty breeds trust.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, should ever come between a man and the cookie!”


There is nothing a man wants and needs, at any age (as long as he can get it up and running), more than the cookie. Simply put, deny him this mammoth desire at your own conspicuous peril.

If he has put a ring on that pretty finger, loose and lose the cookie jar! If he has not, be open to negotiations. He wants it and he wants it now! Don’t be fooled, he wants it all the time!

Keep your man well fed and he’ll stay grounded. Believe me, there are numerous cookie owners out there willing and able to serve him to his insatiable satisfaction.

“The easiest way to a man’s heart still remains through his mouth.”


I was honestly tempted to exclude food  from this absolutely general list; but then, I realised that not all of us are gastrosexuals and quite a number of men are foodies.

Frankly, it is no secret that no one wants to be with a lady that cannot cook. This is quite basic as food is one of man’s most important needs. Honestly, for most men, it is an important criteria. 

Now, if he doesn’t eat your meals, then you either make drab food or someone else is feeding him!

Even the women of old recognise the impact of food on their men. Now, at this stage, if you still don’t cook for him, I mean good food, well…


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