Welcome to the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, LAUTECH Ogbomosho, Nigeria. Here, there are six basic departments- Medicine, Nursing, Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy and Medical Laboratory Sciences; in no particular order!

However, just as Biochemistry remains the bedrock of all Sciences, it has remained from time and memorial the villain of the Faculty. It is the course everyone loves to hate! 

I was in school recently to put some finishing touches to my clearance and yes that shii ain’t fun! Anyway, I had to get some breakfast at around 11:30am in College (that’s what we call the Faculty edifices so nicely separated from the main campus) after having to sit tight for a couple of hours, thanks to the inherent bureaucracy of my beloved department.

I was starting to enjoy my plantain encrusted rice mixture (fried and jollof rice) under a cool shade (after flirting with a couple of cute girls) when this particular group of girls started talking about how promiscuous their lecturers are.

Ok, these girls are Anatomy students and a particular plum and somewhat thick girl in this group of four appeared to be lamenting from a recent and vivid experience. This girl went on and on about the incessant flirting and the stuffs that went behind the scenes too.
Anyway, since it was none of my business, I continued sipping my tea I just went about enjoying my late breakfast. (Yet, I kept my ears peeled!)

Even though I couldn’t help but notice the same thick girl steal glances at me, I somehow managed to pretend I wasn’t caught in their conversation. Yes, I kept a poker face, until they switched gear and drove frantically into their eternal dislike for Biochemistry.

I mean these girls talked and talked about how crazy and evil the department and the courses are, and how they can’t even seem to get a ‘D’ at most. They lamented about it being the death of their CGPA with their incessant carry-overs. They so painted the picture horribly enough to fully confuse a neutral that indeed, Biochemistry is f*cked!

This really got to me and I just had to confront them. Yet, they would not reason with all I said in the defence of my department. It got to a point where having a biochemist in front of them infuriated them the more.

Pelu idi eyi, I had to go on the counter! I explained how Anatomy courses are too, to  biochemists. I gave my particularly daunting experience with ANA421-Histochemistry  (the only time I had to consciously cheat in an examination).

Here, they went on and on about how easy Anatomy courses are and that one only need cram all the dumb (IMO) procedures *sorry*. I was so glad I led them to that edge and I was hitherto happy to tell them Biochemistry courses are all about “the structures” too!

“That” plum and thick girl wore this especially beautiful smile though. I wish I had sought her out; but well, I had better things doing (clearance) on that particular day though.


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18 thoughts on “BEING A BIOCHEMIST

  1. Lol… Biochemistry is nt d problem.. Biochemists are…#uKnow now… Sadistic lecturers… Thank God, Mobolowo won… Kicked some asses in d lil tym we ad together though…#wink

    NB to other comment’ers: I’m nt d fat girl o…
    Oh Choi.. I’m ranting..BCH does dt to u I guess..#hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lolz! I’ll have to agree the word “sadist” is sometimes synonymous to “Biochemistry lecturers”. Funny enough, this sadistic syndrome/tendency is global.

      But you be sure gurl nah, I’m sure you killed all em courses! 😉

      Thanks for dropping by miss.


  2. Love dis post!had me laughin in library wit peepz givin me angry glances lmao.yh dat shii(bic) is evil got me burnin more candles than i do for departmental courses


  3. *smiles* You have a way with metaphor that makes me smile.

    Isn’t it ironic that a lady that was complaining of the department and the ‘D’ would still be casting Mr D (D for Depearl, right?) furtive glances? In my opinion, such gesture is capable of getting her another ‘D’. We all have our preferences I think.

    With LAUTECH as a case study, I sincerely respect the biochemists. Serious biochemists.


    • Lolz! I am sure she is well aware of that man and yes, it is safe to say she would prefer a younger, stronger and a more energetic ‘D’ (whatever that means)! *ROTFL*

      You have a way of incessantly blowing me off my feet with your comments too, sir.

      Wassup wid all the ‘D’ words anyway?! 😀



  4. Can’t jst stop smiling, man I like ds piece. Cwiously, bch? Hell no! dos lecturers were somfin else, even if Ɣo̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊ burn all Γφυr glucose to ans d questions Ɣo̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊ wldn’t deserve B talkless of an “A” wsn’t easy tho buh 10k God I deserved a “B” in d end even if it’s d only one. *smile*


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  6. I’m a proud BIOCHEMIST. Nothing like the pathways and the structures. it got to be though now. You fear Chemistry of Biological systems. That’s what BCH is all about. Great Metabolites!!!


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