“…T’ojo ba nro,
Tabi t’orun ba n ran,
Labe igi orombo…”


There is something comforting,
About the usual.
The everyday menu, the trusted;
They appear and vanish
With less to no fuss.

There is no risk here,
They afford you the satisfaction
Of your choosing.
No disappointments, no agony, no ache;
You are well aware of what you’re buying.

Would you swap this satisfaction
And certainty for something else?
Something exotically (or otherwise)
Tagged special?
Would you risk leaving your comfort zone?
Even when you know your happiness
And peace of mind might be at risk?

Is this special menu worth the risk
And inherent ache?


Well, with the usual,
You know what to expect;
And you sure know what you’ll get.

However, is this  really enough?
Don’t we want crazy, daring and different?
I sure know I want the unpredictable.

Yes, I’ll stick with my frustrating special.
It runs late, it is spicy, 
And it could even be burnt; 
But it keeps me on my toes, anticipating.

It keeps me interested,
Intrigued and expectant.
Most especially, it never gets boring.
There is always a twist and
It offers the eccentricities I crave.

It could be hard to love;
Yet, it is hard to let go.
I guess I’m addicted and worse still,
I don’t know why.


Chef's special

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7 thoughts on “THE SPECIAL

  1. Ah..depearli *with Yoruba accent* must u write metaphorically ah. I’ll be reading the post and thinking about d different possible meanings.. Wondering weda u re bin literal or not…ahnahn..
    Gewd post though.. The special is better Dan d usual… It may turn out bad or good but its never boring…


  2. Sheedart is very right. This our blogger friend here oozes metaphor and I ALWAYS read him bi-dimensionally (if that word isn’t even wrong or a crime). By God’s grace I’ll respond to this as though I just graduated from the seminary.

    The usual is really the safest thing, but at some points it gets boring (except the usual has several spices/flavours of itself…which makes it special/close to special in a way), or one succumb to the adventurous side of man that wants to try something else. Leaving the usual (say orange) for the unknown (say a fruit that looks like apple) in hope that it will be the special (say an imagined perfect garden-of-eden kinda special fruit) is risky. However, If one must, the must be held orange close!

    Sún mó’gi yen…
    Òronbó ò gb’odò lo.

    Pardon the epistle please. Ciao… usual à la special calleth. 🙂


    • Man!!! I was so waiting for your comment and tis so worth the wait!!!


      I swear you really hit home boss! THE ORANGE MUST BE HELD CLOSE! Just in case the apple turns out to be bugged!!

      And this “epistle” was quite needed and absolutely appreciated boss. Bless you!


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