…Don’t get it twisted,
Love is still a cute thing…

Dear lover,
You might find this hard,
Hard to take;
Perhaps, hard to believe.

But yes,
I wish your love was enough.
I wish I could call you ‘bae’,
And indeed put you before anyone else.

I’ve got a reputation,
Slowly building up into a character
Which must be hitherto kept up.

I sincerely wish I could give you all,
You sure deserve the lot;
Hey, I wish I could even spare half!

Yet, for someone like me,
Total affection is a luxury;
One I cannot afford.

It’s true you can’t even handle
The full package,
So, now you understand why;
Why you have to share.

I know you want it all,
Need it all actually.
However, right now,
You have to make do…

Don’t give up on me though,
Heat me up, I just might melt;
Or perhaps grow tired,
Of holding out on you.


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4 thoughts on “DON’T GIVE UP

  1. “I knw Ɣo̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊ want it all, need it all actually” I love dt line. *wink* ladies want it all actually, buh it’s jst a pity dt guys can’t give it’s really a 9ce piece, *thumbs*


  2. I like this piece! The first two lines of the last part did me some melting too *smiles*. You’re not saying you can’t give it all. You’re less inclined to, but there’s a possibility you will. It sounds cocky, yes, but persistence pays off (though not at all times).

    This is good. It’s dynamic (Dear lover could be a man, or a lady… though very likely the latter), realistic… but a tad wicked.


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