So yesterday was supposed to reek of the usual boredom and indifference. I was supposed to be home all day, enjoying my extended vacation, alone, in my illuminated square box. The day was actually, in all honesty, keeping to the script, until my phone gave a loud shriek.

See, I hate impromptu calls, especially from pop. I detest how I’ll have to shelve any and all plans (even when I have  nothing substantial doing) for an emergency or leisure chore.

I had to take a cold bath on a cloudy day (now you can understand my pain) and step out of my warm room. Well, what choice do I have?!
It was a pretty short trip to the bank anyway and I made sure I didn’t fasten my seat belt, just to “murmur” my dissatisfaction.

Yes, that reminds me, GET YOUR HAND SANITIZER If you haven’t gotten just yet and PLEASE, KEEP SAFE FROM EBOLA. Olorun a ma sho waa o!

I left the bank at the back of being impressed by the hand sanitising “appliance” installed at the front door. It is proximity activated; meaning you only need place your hand below it to get little drops of cool, sweet smelling liquid (or gel perhaps).

I decided to finally get my hand sanitizer on my way home and I stopped at a pharmaceutical store (hehe, Mahy would know the “multi-coloured” building).
Here was where my day took a rather interesting turn.

I asked to see the sanitizers they’ve got and I was swarmed with loads to choose from. I picked a 120ml bottle and joined the short disparate queue by the counter.

An old woman was at the tip of the queue, followed by a guy of around my age and he himself was followed by a middle-aged woman while a rather cute girl was right in front of me. She stood quite straight with a rather burging butt (*music* my anaconda dope, don’t want none unless you’ve got buns hun… OMG! Look at her butt!!  *music* ). I just stood there, sizing her up.

So it was this guy’s turn to pay and I guess he was somehow, absurdly intimidated by the people around him, because he strangely dropped off some “kiss” condoms by the counter and went on to pay for the remaining items. The woman and the girl were  visibly sneering.


An attendant was about to return the condoms when I called to collect them. I really can’t begin to describe the looks all around me- contempt, bewilderment, admiration, to say but a few. The woman wore this rather scornful look, from a religious or ignorant point of view I presume and the girl looked back for once at my face. Now I wish I had winked at her. 😉

With my music pouring ever so loudly into my eardrums, I paid less to no attention to the multiple gazes held at me. I was already occupied with what laid 45 degrees down my line of sight.

I think the girl paid for something that looked like “Postinor” though. I couldn’t be so sure anyway, I am short-sighted, remember?! But isn’t that supposed to be banned or something?

“If you ain’t bold enough to buy protection, you ain’t old enough to have sex!”

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