“…Who said you can’t find love in the club?
‘Cause I wanna tell them they’re wrong
Come on, just, baby, try a new thing
And let’s spark a new flame…”


This was not how I envisioned my night. Dang! I should be boogying and having loads of fun, that I saw, that I wanted. Instead, at 10pm, I found myself staring, arms-crossed, just staring, on a cold night. I had set out to enjoy a cool Friday out, but, well, a satisfactory fun eluded me.

“Dear guardian angel, is this your way of telling me I’m not made for night outs? Is this you, showing me, in the most benign way possible that I should not be out clubbing?!”

Ok, the events leading to this moment are not particularly important. What you need know however is that I had woken up on this particular Friday feeling all giddy and excited (maybe twas something I ate the night before). Wassup with my Fridays anyways?! This however, was the height of it.

It wasn’t planned, it just came up (I seldom go out, especially at night, without planning). You know, crazy things we do when we’ve got some wads lying around.

I was supposed to be rocking a ‘hefty’ ticket with my partner in crime, but again, “my chi” was heaven bent at sending me home! Yes, we had to leave “the dome”, disappointed to say the least. We were not to be deterred though; so, against our better judgements, we headed to another nightclub, right around the governor’s back yard.

The first signs were not encouraging though, because I had quickly estimated the boys  to girls ratio on arrival and arrived at the daunting conclusion that it wasn’t a favourable statistics. We were looking at 5:1! You’ve gotta commend our conviction and resolution though, we braved the cold and disapproving stats for close to an hour before we unanimously decided it was time to leave- best decision we’ve made all day!

I had read a fascinating article in the punch newspaper sometime ago, about cool spots where girls hawk at the peak. I remember I was quite taken by the reporter’s dexterity in investigative journalism.
Well, on this night, the dimly lighted street was littered with them girls.

We were leaving the night club on a low, so, what more harm could we do?! We decided to check the girls out. We sampled to the very end of the long disparate line and yes, they increased in elegance accordingly.

I stopped by a rather cute, perfectly shaped girl- body like the hour glass with a bright, evenly toned and oval face to match. On another day, in a different location, and under sane circumstances, she would have passed for a model. On this night however, she was just a whore.

I had not done this before, so I just went about talking to her the way I would any pretty girl. I complimented her, asked what she was doing tonight, any plans?! (dumb, yeah, I know.)
She was obviously not used to my courtesy and she incessantly let out glowing smiles, those ones that emanate from the depth of the heart (I noticed this time Mahy 😉 ).
Meanwhile, while I was still with the same girl ( I didn’t even get her name!), my partner in crime had already moved onto his second girl, negotiating price.

After like 5 minutes of cordial convo, she asked, “Where do you want to do it?!”

Lolz!! I looked into her eyes and told her anywhere she feels comfy. She mentioned a motel around the area and I said Ok. She then proceeded to ask if I was interested in a “quickie” or “overnight”.

“Uhmm, how is it, what’s the billing like?!”
I responded in a somewhat truncated voice.

She went on to tell me, “a quickie is 4k, while overnight na 10k!”

You can imagine the bewildered look I wore. “A quickie, 4k?! Cmon! How so?!”
More so, seeing that “a quickie” is “first cum”!


The rest is history anyways, but my partner got a rather favourable price of 2k for a quickie though. 😀

What a way to end a drab night! Thank God today is Saturday and dang, my head hurts!

On a serious note though, I can really make it as an investigative journalist. Second degree?!

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8 thoughts on “QUICKIE

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  2. Convinced beyond dumb doubts that writting from experience regardleas the detail is a huge art reserved for the #realisticwriters as i tag myself. This write up is s bomb one i must tell and i have learnt thus further to shun criticism bout writting from experience. Bless Bro!


  3. Convinced beyond dumb doubts that writting from one’s experience regardless the detail is a huge one reserved for the #realisticwriter as i love to tag myself. This write up is a cool one i must say…


    • Thanks miss. I must say they don’t come anymore realistic and blunt as you tho (I still can’t seem to write 100 Facts bout me). And I wouldn’t ever think you would let perceived opinions stop you.

      Thanks again, much appreciated.


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