DISCLAIMER: This is supposed to be fictional. I’ll be validated in my hope to one day thrill an audience if you perceive it as anything but.
Hence, any and all relations to a real life encounter, experience or character is strictly coincidental.



Alone, exhausted and famished, he sat arms-crossed on his king-sized bed, back against the blue coloured wall, staring into the all too familiar emptiness of his poorly ventilated room.

He had just returned to his hostel room after a torrid day in school. He had received his previous semester’s results and no, words cannot begin to describe his melancholic awe and the devastating wave that swept through him. He hadn’t just flunked that semester, he had failed in an unenviable manner- 4Es and 2Ds. A GPA of 1.68! To put things in a better perspective, he had copped a third-class semester result.

“How exactly did this happen?!” He thought. It is highly inconceivable. After all, he had studied super hard for the exams. He knew he had to ace it, to have a good chance of finishing in the “second-class upper” category.

His dad’s stern words a couple of weeks back, after he had sent him his monthly allowance, rang more than ever in his ears- “I DONT EXPECT ANYTHING LESS THAN A FIRST CLASS HONOURS FROM YOU!” He had said;  every word uttered with vehement disposition.

In this state, he couldn’t help but wonder about what could have been.
“This must be God punishing me!” He thought. His mind wandered and his mouth murmured. For a brief moment, he forgot about his cramping stomach and the earlier picture of his raging father.

“But I’ve asked for her forgiveness nah and  she said she had forgiven me!!”

She had indeed muttered words of forgiveness. She had to, even though she was utterly broken; but right in front of her was the guy who she once loved wholeheartedly, on his knees, crying, in the middle of the night, asking for her forgiveness. Yes, she had to say she forgave him!

“They must not have been sincere words of forgiveness.” He thought, and shuddered at the realisation. Afterall, how could he expect her to sincerely forgive him for his awful deeds,  that same night.

“What a fool I am!” He concluded. 

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8 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter One

  1. I can relate, especially to the human attitude of scrutinising sins and second-guessing forgiveness when things aren’t smooth.

    It seems I’m gon’ like this series; details of the offence in question particularly whets my curiosity.

    I hope you enjoy writing this.


  2. When something happens to us and then we flash back on things we have done wrongly in the past that could prolly have resulted into the current situation…I also can relate to this…still battling with one as we speak!! Nice write up BTW, well done.


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