“Get up, I’ve forgiven you.” Adeola said, as she made to lift Bello up from whence he kneeled. She fought off the pool of hot tears that laid bare in her eyes. She wanted to remain strong in the face of his beastly act; but then, she had never been so vulnerable, so naked and weak.

She sat up from the chair where she slumped in, head buried in knees and went about picking up random stuffs; things better left undisturbed.

She smoothened her wrapper left on the wardrobe door. “I have to keep busy,” she thought. “At least until this familiar stranger leaves.”

Finally, it was 6am and he got up to leave, uttering sober and apologetic words with each step. Normally, as often, she would have felt obliged to see him off.

Not today, not again! For her, this was the final goodbye.

She locked the door behind her rather solemnly and sank into an uncontrollable wail. It started slowly, silently and consciously; but grew progressively loud and wild.

She wanted to call someone, anyone; but she couldn’t. Their whole relationship flashed before her swollen eyes.

“Maybe, just maybe I should have listened to Fola!”

She thought about their earlier break-ups and wished she had called it quit before now.

“If only I hadn’t been gullible and stupid.”

She blamed herself for ever having allowed herself to be talked into making up with him after their last fight.

It was a Sunday and she was supposed to go to church. She had even picked the dress she was to wear last night. Now, she feels so tainted and scared to leave her bed. She never saw this coming, she couldn’t possibly have.

Shattered, helpless and mad at the world, she cried herself to sleep. After all, she hadn’t had much sleep last night.

She woke up to a number of his missed calls, and more came in afterwards. It was noon and yes, she still felt horrible even after a dreamless but sound sleep.

She snug herself into a warm corner at the edge of her narrow bed and was lost in the peace and solitude she feigned.

She would neither eat, bath nor talk to anyone. Her room mate- Fola had travelled home the week before. “I’ll be back soon babes!” she had said, excitedly over the phone, just last night. She needed to be alone, or not.

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10 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Two

  1. Hmm… OK o…
    I hope its not what I’m thinking..#in9jaBoyzVoice… Waiting intently for d next chapter. Tomorrow??

    Plus I can’t believe u beat me to posting a story..#frown. Great minds think alike??


  2. If this won’t be tagged a disappointment, I’m sure you won’t disappoint in subsequent chapters. You’re doing mighty fine sir.

    This familiar stranger though, he must have made a very bad impression, seeing the level of damage inflicted on her.

    We will wait for the next, and by jove you must unravel and tell us more! πŸ™‚


  3. You know why I don’t like visiting stories like this until the chapters are completed?! Suspense, yes, suspense..i don’t like it. Just please rush the remaining already Idris, I need to know the niccur’s offence gaaan! Nice one I must commend. Keep it up bruv!


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