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The story of Adeola and Bello is one straight out of a romance novel. It was a pretty case of love at first sight, for both of them. They had met at the ATM machine, installed just beyond the main school gate.

He had held a seductive gaze on her as she joined the long queue and she had quickly averted his gaze. She had never seen anything so piercing. Bello was ahead in line and confidently waited till she used the ATM. All the while staring at her.

Of course Adeola was aware this rather cocky guy was waiting, but for who? She couldn’t tell until she made to leave and he followed her.

He had this sweet and relaxing voice and she found herself smiling to his soothing words and obvious flatteries. He talked confidently and effortlessly. He made a joke of her one sided dimple and she blushed unconsciously.They talked until they both had to go to their separate departments for lectures and of course, she had gladly exchanged numbers with him.

Adeola is pretty, reserved and restrained. The kind of girl who had never actually left the watchful eyes of her parents, until now. The archetypical “get-inside” eighteen year old. Seemingly, her parents had put her in care of a distant family friend- Bimpe; a final year student who many considered a stoic ‘SU’.

Being away from the protective claws of her parents and finding herself in this new environment, with a certain degree of freedom, constituted a sort of cultural shock for Adeola.

However, even Bimpe’s consistent nagging and show of high righteousness did not ever seem to faze her. She was settling into her new life and living the experience. Now, she thought, “I’ve met the love of my life.”

She told her new and only friend yet- Fola about the dashing 300L guy she had met on getting back to her hostel. Fola lives alone next door and Adeola spends most of her time with this fellow fresher who seem to know all about relationships, tertiary institution life and lifestyle.

Adeola relived the whole episode to Fola who felt so amused by her friend’s naivety.
“Love at first sight is so over-rated!”
she concluded.

Adeola was having none of it.

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7 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Three

  1. Had to put zuhr on hold for this and obviously there’s a chapter 4? Beht why?!!. I gv you till Friday for the next one else I’ll un-bookmark the blog 😠


    • Lmao! Look at you!! Jajajhahajajahahaja.

      Btw, why is everyone threatening me?! 😦

      And you particularly know I ate into my posting schedule to drop this today. Hmm. Issokay o. We’ll see. Anything for you tho. 😉

      Thanks b, much appreciated.


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