It didn’t take too long for Bello to hit it off with Adeola. Something about when the heart is willing and if it should be, it would be; blah blah blah.

Bello being the sweet, experienced guy that he is, called and texted her just twice daily in the first week they met- dawn and dusk. He seemed to have a cache of romantic and intriguing texts in his head and he knew the right words to say to her.

“I dreamt that you dreamt about me last night,” he once said.
The call came in just as she woke up.

Adeola would often tell Fola how she thought Bello was telepathic and psychic.

“He knows exactly when to call and text me!”

As always, Fola would shrug off all talks and suggestions of how sweet and chivalrous Bello is.

Ten days after they met at the ATM, Adeola found herself engaged in and enjoying her first simmering kisses.

She had called Bello on her own accord that cold, lonely Saturday evening. Fola was at her boyfriend’s and she just couldn’t seem to stand Bimpe’s annoying demeanours.

“Hey, are you in the hostel?” she asked, shyly.

If Bello felt her shyness at asking him if she could come over indirectly, he didn’t say. He replied in the affirmative with a bright smile on his face, even though he was just about to go see his favoriteย  football club play at the viewing centre.

Fifteen minutes later, dressed in a pink top and a black stripped, pleated skirt, Adeola appeared at his doorstep all bright and beautiful.

Give it another ten minutes, and they were interlocked on the rather huge and soft bed.

Adeola motioned for him to stop, some minutes in, trying so hard to catch her breath.
“Please, no sex, Ok? I want to remain a virgin until our wedding night, and I’ve promised my mum I would remain flowered.”

“Of course, of course. We wouldn’t want to disappoint mummy.” Bello replied. All the while holding his gaze at her small aroused nipples.

He pulled her to himself almost immediately and resumed proceedings.

Until this moment, Adeola had never felt that insane and intriguing urge to bare it all, have her body probed and kissed till her lips were pink and sore.

She moaned softly and pleasurably.ย 

Adeola is your typical mummy’s girl. An eighteen year old virgin, whose prior and only real relationship had been with her older brother’s guitarist friend. Her church’s number one guitarist, well known by her parents and indeed her entire neighbourhood. It was a statusy relationship though, they never met outside of church. They only got to really talk on Wednesdays, after choir practice.

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10 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Four

  1. Okay, faints. What is le blogger turning into. All I could do was close my eyes and imagine the moment *shudders* . I guess I’ll have to bookmark the blog twice now, rotfl. Loving the turn of events, at least I think I can figure out what the first chapter was all about now. See comment like comprehension. Sighs. I’ll keep reading this till the next chapter is ready. ๐Ÿ˜

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  2. The thrilling journey of suspense evn at reading the whole chapters at once….i speak of me i fdint know about anyother….”do not make me tarry eternity till the end of this” *that had to be gothic*


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