M OR R- Chapter One (THE MOVIE)

PROEM: The characters and the  following sequence of events are all fictional. Any semblance to real people or real life incidents is strictly coincidental.


For two straight weeks, I’ve been dying to see ‘gothic’; off the back of its succinct trailer so incessantly aired on my cable TV. I had woken up very early feeling all excited at the realisation that finally, my eyes would feast on the movie.

It was the last Saturday of the month and I was so glad I had saved enough all month, for this treat. My treat! “I deserved this!”

I slipped into my favourite tees and pants and stepped out confidently, marvelling at the awesome day ahead. I just knew it was going to be a great day.

Twenty minutes into the movie, sank deep into the cushioned seat, I realised it was all a hoax! The movie was trite and insipid to say the least. Nothing like the energetic and ball-bursting action scenes I saw on the trailer. It dawned on me that those four action sequences strung together to make the flashy and fast trailer were in truth, the only four realistic action scenes in the whole movie.

I felt cheated on, conned and worst of all, used! More so, when I had to take an overly expensive bike to the cinema, just so I could meet up with the showing time. As if that was not enough, it was a Saturday and yes it costs a crisp one thousand naira note to see a one hour thirty minutes movie.

Seated in the too cold air-conditioned room, I felt bare and cold. Seeing as I was soaked from head to toe by the rain that didn’t threaten before I left the comfort of my apartment.

I was the only body in the entire row ten and the cold, moist air seemed to be hitting me from all directions. I was shivering furiously.

I listened in on several growls and laments. Hehe, at least I wasn’t all alone in this daylight robbery. I took solace in the shared disbelief and disappointment,  writhing in silent agony. The collective ire and contempt at the movie and hitherto waste of resources saw me through the long boring ninety minutes.

Even though it was boring and not quite close to what we all expected, none of us left the room until the very last scene. I guess accepting that we had really wasted our money on the movie was too huge to bear; or maybe there was no point leaving early really.

Since we were here already, seeing the drab movie, at our own accord and we had willingly paid, we might as well try to enjoy it. Or more aptly, suffer through the entire movie!

At least, we lasted the entire length of time stipulated; even if it wasn’t our money’s worth.

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5 thoughts on “M OR R- Chapter One (THE MOVIE)

  1. Ah! Daylight robbery indeed! No word can be more apt. One can be really unlucky to be a victim of such a well packaged hoax.

    But I digress.

    Making efforts to do a D and C on the M and the R (I like the sound), as you would’ve guessed, I’ve got no clue. Anticipating what you’ll spin outta this chief.


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