…Indeed, a genesis would have a revelation; a start its finish and a beginning its end.


Is there always a need or reason to “finish”? What’s the point in starting what we wouldn’t possibly finish?!

It sounds so impractical, having to go through all the stress, knowing you wouldn’t get to finish.

So, again I ask, should we have to finish?!

I guess for some people, finishing is important, paramount even. They will it, they want you to, they require you to!

It is just so natural and normal to finish. “Where’s the thrill?” You might ask.

Isn’t it so ordinary to start knowing you will always get to finish?
Doesn’t it become so boring and too much of a cliché?
Too willing, too easy, too cheap; you start to wonder how exclusive they really are.

What if you don’t know if you’re gonna finish?! Isn’t that thrilling? 

What if you don’t care about finishing? What if it is just all about the moment shared for you? The fun, the memories…
What if finishing never ever crossed your mind? 

Isn’t it special and rare when we are just so happy about the moment and nothing else matters? Not even the fact that they won’t let you start because they think you’ll be all about finishing.

When clinging onto them is so heavenly, reveling in their grace and filling your nostrils with their aura does it all for you. Hey! They are right here, WHAT ELSE MATTERS?!

You find them special. Not starting or finishing counts for nothing, diminishes nothing. It only stands to magnify their irresistible enigma.

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2 thoughts on “FINISHING

  1. This is metaphoric ryt?? Or maybe its just my wandering mind..
    Assuming its not.. I’m all for enjoying d moment but knowing d finish and when to is essential but then it depends on what’s been started… So I ask again… Is this metaphoric??


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