Adeola and Bello would go on to make this Saturday evening meeting a ritual. It became their thing, a symbolic part of their relationship.

Sometimes, they would see a movie on his 32′ flat screen television all cuddled up. Other times, they would play video games, Bello edging every round of the PES14 soccer game. He was absolutely glad she could at least handle the console and hold her own, but he never allowed  her a win.

Without doubt, they always get to make out before or after any “extra-curricular” activity.

Exams came and with it stress and rigour. Yet, even as they saw and talked less, they still found ways to keep up with their Saturday schedule. They had to, they couldn’t help it.

Bello resides in an overpriced hostel room. Just as most things are in that part of town. Everyone in his hostel building have gotten used to seeing Adeola every weekend and every now and then, they smiled warmly at her.


It was the end of the academic session, hence the impending long break most students were so glad for. For the love birds however, it spelt doom!

For one, they won’t get to see each other for seven whole weeks.

“How am I supposed to be without you for that long period of time?” Bello often teased.

Adeola resides in Lagos with her parents, while Bello is based  in Ilorin. The distance would mean nothing however, if only Adeola wasn’t such a “gated” girl.

They stayed together in school for as long as they could, until Adeola’s parents started calling her incessantly and furiously, demanding why she was still in school while her mates were back home for the holiday.

They talked, hand-in-hand at the park, waiting for the Lagos bound bus to fill up, about nothing really important. They both tried to take their minds off the separation. They however took solace in the fact that Bimpe is finally gonna be out of their heads. She had graduated with a second- class lower degree in Biochemistry.

“Even with all her holier-than-thou attitude!” Adeola sneered.

The bus took off some short minutes after Adeola boarded. Bello looked on as the bus turned into the tarred road and zoomed off. All of a sudden, he felt alone, bare and beat-up. He slowly hailed a bike and headed home. He didn’t eat until he left for Ilorin that evening.


Not a single day passed without them talking endlessly over the phone and chatting on BBM. Sometimes, they would talk or chat until Adeola’s phone goes off, off a flat battery. She would turn on her phone to his endless chats and take minutes replying him.

Bello had gone up North to Abuja to spend some quality time with his uncle. Adeola on the other hand endured a rather boring seven weeks, tending to customers in her mother’s groceries store.

As resumption approached, they were both excited. They made plans to resume back to school as early as possible and Bello would joke about how big Adeola’s bum has become.

“What have you been doing behind me?”

Indeed, Adeola had added considerable weight. She looked cuter too, much cuter.  
She had brown eyes which seem to have darkened and her hair was indeed fuller. She carried herself in a new found grace, her bum moving rhythmically with every step; ulmost consciously and quite seductively.

The new session couldn’t come soon enough for both of them and the thought of seeing Bello anywhere, anytime and more so, spending long cool nights in his cozy room and waking up to his cute sleepy eyes made Adeola quiver, over and over again.

She had gotten some new lingeries she was so eager to show off.

“Wheew! Who knew new underwears could bring so much excitement.”

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10 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Five

  1. Awwww… Lovely.. D Saturday thing reminds me of…#nevermind. If it was dz good, I wonder what bello did wrong..#hmm

    Ehen… I’m not gon complain or make threats. Just pretty pls deliver d next part as soon as possible or give us a timetable, like a particular day so I can at least know how many days to suffer d suspense biko….


  2. Ah! Who says flowers don’t enjoy being pruned? Lots of catch words and scenarios playing out in my head as I read.

    Girlfriend returns with bigger, brighter and better “everything”; boyfriend starts to suspect a living, active three-legged β€”or two-and-a-half-legged, depending on your viewβ€”being is “involved”.

    Girlfriend stocks up on fancy colourful lingeries and embraces the nudists’ opinion in no time, to aid better delivery to the le boyfriend of course. And it goes on, until things change.

    I wonder where it all went wrong for them. Tell us more, please do it soon.

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