M OR R- Chapter Two (THE RESTROOM)


I had left the cinema room 4 rather dejected. The promise of an awesome movie broken and I started to feel that tingling sensation that accompanies a full bladder.

I headed for the “box-office” and smiled rather uncomfortably at the attendants on call.

“Excuse me, where is the bathroom?” I asked one of the attendants.

She looked on, rather puzzled and I could tell she didn’t quite understand my need to use a “bathroom.”
“Where can I ease myself?!” I quipped. 

“Oh! Right around that corner.” she replied.

I dashed into the restroom and a rather interesting guy occupied one of the urine basins confidently. There were three of those, far too closely arranged. There was no way I would stand next to this guy.

He looked so cocky, maybe because of his amusingly big cock; I can’t really say. I just know I didn’t really dig him. Imagine if we were three in there, needing to urinate, our bodies would most definitely touch.

I went into one of the toilet cubicles instead, where the welcoming water closet was proudly and elegantly placed. I’m sure the guy would have thought I wanted to dump some poo or something.

In his head, I’m sure he would have been thinking about how native it was of me to choose the water closet over the urine basin, since all I wanted to do was urinate.
Not that I cared anyway.

I was enjoying the flow when I suddenly heard a somewhat loud sound from behind me and I instinctively jerked; spilling some urine on my body. I couldn’t make out what made that noise or where the guy was, but I was pretty sure he was the culprit. 

He was gone when I came out of the cubicle though and I scanned the room for what might have made that noise  to no avail.

I stood in front of the wide mirror for a while afterwards, contemplating on whether to take a quick selfie or not. I decided against it though.
“Someone might just burst in.”

Rolling my eyes at the imaginary dude who might be coming in, I tried to turn on the faucet in order to wash my hands, with no success.
“Dang! These are some pretty daunting 21st century restroom facilities.”

As I turned away to leave in defeat, I caught a quick glimpse of the hand dryer; hung by the door. I searched for a switch to turn it on. There was none in sight.
“This must have made all that noise.” I concluded.

My hands weren’t wet anyways, I only just wanted to try it out. I eyed the appliance again and left the rather posh and complicated restroom.
“Isn’t it supposed to be about convenience?!”

I was still livid I couldn’t take what would have been a brilliant selfie though. 

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