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So I was in school yesterday to pick up my “Statement Of Result.” I had hoped that I wouldn’t have to go on that two-hour journey though.
Mtcheew! Dem talk say person gaz collect am personally!

Anyways, there I was, all dirty! The Oyo-Ogbomosho road was so congested that we had to ply a freaging dirt ridden road. Road? It doesn’t even qualify as a road! The best part of the “road” was actually supposed to be an expressway; but just as is peculiar with the Nigerian Government, it has been left uncompleted  and most likely forgotten!

I was finally on the first floor of the Faculty building, after having mistakenly made my way up to the third floor. God bless that man from the Provost’s office that directed me back down. Those security officers are… *lips-sealed*

The secretary to the Dean of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences is a plump, dark skinned and alluring woman. She replied my courtesies modestly and asked for my credentials. She looked at my face to confirm the picture on my school identity card and familiarised me with what I needed to do.

I signed out on the register and I handed her my “Statement Of Result” after having searched for it, myself, in the file designed for my department.

She immediately scanned through the bottom text, where the graduating honours was conspicuously written.

“E ma pass daadaa ke! Ishe rere lo ma fi she o.” she said. (Translation: “Oh! You passed well. May you use it for a good job.”) She said it with such disbelief and awe.

I managed to thank her but I really was burning inside.

I was dressed in a blue and white stripped-shirt, complete with a cool blue skinny denim. My dark shades were raised up to my forehead as I tried to appear as formal as possible.

I guess me looking so cool, cute and badass gave her a wrong impression. That misconception that guys dressed to kill are supposed to be “second-class Lower” or “Third-class” students. Maybe even worse off!

I wonder what she would have said if I had even been a class lower. Funny something! Not like I would have cared or be faced though.

I hope that episode sets her straight. Indeed, some of us do not need to appear geeky- all tucked in suits and ties, complete with the “3-inches” thick glasses. We rock our dirty and crazy denims and get down when necessary. That doesn’t make us less academic  proficient or unintelligent.

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