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The day had started like any other; even more illuminated than the recent past. The past days had been cloudy and rainy,  very little of the sun was seen. 

It was still a cold morning but the sun was up on the horizon, smiling a beautiful and warm smile. It seemed to be announcing a brilliant day really; a day when you just know everything would be awesome.

The dawn had all the makings of a lazy day. It had rained overnight as it had been the case for the past week and the morning breeze was chilling. Bello had woken up on the right side of his bed. All giddy, excited and suspiciously warm. Of course, he dreamt a pleasant dream.

Just last night, Adeola’s head was firmly placed on his groin. She had complained of the continued tightening of his groin and he had tickled her in reply, endlessly. She has this sharp and somewhat romantic response to stimuli. Especially at specific points. He tickled her ears all night until she left, breathless.

Adeola had read him her latest journal entry last night. Even now, those words still ring a succinctly loud bell in his ears. They had stuck, so much so that he had dreamt about her, journal in hand, reading out the exact same words.

“I have never thought I’ll be in love so deep; but here I am, wallowing endlessly in the pool of your ethereal love. I surrender to this affection, one so overpowering and unrelenting.”

That particular line awed him. He knew Adeola wasn’t much of a writer or versed at putting emotions and feelings into words. To come up with such endearing line made him appreciate her more.

He picked up his phone to call her, as is his morning ritual. She missed the first call.
“She must be in the bathroom.” He thought.

He dialled her number again, this time she did pick up at the second ring. She sounded indifferent throughout the minute long conversation though. He wondered why. He had asked what was wrong and she had, as she could be sometimes, vague. Infuriatingly so too.

Bello put on the blue stripped shirt, one of her favourites and set out to go see her. She lives some 10 minutes away and as he hailed a motorcycle, he knew he was in for a very torrid ride. The air was cold and wet!


Adeola left Bello’s room all wet and kinky. She enjoys spending cold evenings with him and she had gone to his place immediately after the rain stopped; clutching her journal. He has a way of connecting with her inner warmth and bringing it to the surface. This she craved and missed. 

He was listening to some blues on his phone and she shared the earplug. She love his type of music and they often sing along to the same song.

Time flew past quickly and she bit his lips as she kissed him goodbye. He spanked her lovingly in return, as is his most recent ritual.

Fola was outside chatting with a group of boys when Adeola got back to her hostel around 10pm. Fola had sarcastically winked at her and she had greeted the boys without stopping. Bello had made her expend too much energy with his unending tickles and romance. She was obviously tired and exhausted. She would go on to shower and crashed on her bed, clad in one of her ankara wrappers.

Just as she was starting to doze off, she heard a loud bang on her door.
“Go away Fola!” she shouted.

She had recognised the loud thumping bang on the door as Fola’s. That’s her usual way of knocking.

Fola persisted and Adeola got out of bed, cursing under her breath.

Fola pushed her aside as she walking into the room and jumped on the bed.
“Hey! Imagine what those boys were saying o!” she bellowed.

Adeola was visibly uninterested as she bolted the door and made her way to the bed.
“I’m tired jare! You’ll gist me tomorrow.”

Fola looked at her suspiciously.
“Haha! Did he finally hit it?!”


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