So pop couldn’t resist the urge to send me on one last early morning errand before I run off to the NYSC camp. It was inevitable anyways, so, I wasn’t utterly surprised when he called me up.

Ok, I didn’t have my bath before setting out (don’t judge)! I wore a substantial amount of my Tom Ford cologne anyways. 😉

There I was, in the banking hall, waiting for my bank teller. The guy was taking too long really. What’s to logging in a payment and stamping a teller?! Mtcheew!

Ears plugged and music blaring with an amazing bass, I scanned the hall for figures of interest; out of boredom than anything else.

My eyes rested on a short,  average looking girl, directly adjacent me. She was a short distance away but I still had to squint to really make out her facial construct.

She looked up towards my direction almost immediately and caught me ogling.
She made this funny “do I know you face” and I unplugged one of my ear as I saw her mouthing some words at me.

I collected my stamped duplicate copy of the teller at long last and approached her.

“Do you know me?” she asked. She had this sweet and  rather pleasing voice. However, she kept a straight, framed face.

“Do you?!” I replied.

“Dto you?” she said back, somewhat confused.

Lmao! I guess she couldn’t figure out my “do” because it had a shade of ‘t’ somewhere in between. I had to repeat the question three times before she actually got it. She was visibly thrown.

“Oh! No!!” she replied.

“Why then did you ask?” I pursued.

“You were staring, I guess.” she replied.

That was my turn to put on a poker face. “You guessed? You shouldn’t be guessing you know, you should know for sure! I wasn’t staring at you!!”

She was dumbfounded. She seemed to regain her composure some seconds later  though, as I made my way out of the bank.

I looked back with a sneer, “Seriously?!”


In all honesty, I was actually ogling her. However, I was, only because I thought she was an old acquaintance of mine. She looked so much like a girl I used to know back in school. Complete with the glasses. She was shorter anyways.

I do appreciate her questioning my stare though. I’ll give her points for confidently standing up to me. You don’t get to see girls do that often. Most times they just avert their gaze or seldomly, hold their gaze until you’ll have to shift yours.

Still, I found a way to turn it up on her! Hehe, on another day, with another face, I would have been open to making her acquaintance. 😉

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4 thoughts on “CAUGHT IN THE ACT!

  1. At least you didn’t hit her with the “you got a great smile” line. Eyes rolling. Heheheh. That money is for us remember. Waiting for my share and safe journey butter.


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