“You would tell me wouldn’t you?” Fola continued.

Adeola was motionless, feigning sleep.

“You know you walked past us with a limp right?! Those boys even noticed. I had to shut them up and get them off it. Worst still, you didn’t even stop to acknowledged their greetings; much unlike you. You wouldn’t lie to me right?!” Fola blurted.

“For God’s sake Fola, he didn’t hit anything. I hit my leg as I alighted from the motorcycle and I was too exhausted to wait or sit outside with you guys. And no, I wouldn’t lie to you!” Adeola whispered from beneath the duvet.

“Now, can I sleep? I’m extremely tired. Abeg, switch off the light.”

Fola shook her head as she got up. “It’s ok. The matter wey we dey hide from papa, na papa go finally resolve am!” she smiled a wicked smile.

She switched off the light and undressed. She deliberately laid down on the rug, her head on the bed and muttered incoherently until she fell asleep.


Morning came too quickly for Adeola. She still felt sore and beaten-up. Fola was in the bathroom and she was obviously “dumping” as the smell suggested.

“What exactly did you eat let night?!” Adeola shouted.

A long, drawn hiss came as response from the bathroom.

Adeola’s phone rang some minutes after and she intentionally ignored the call. For an unknown reason. The phone rang again as she knew it would.

Hearing his voice after a gentle tap on the door surprised her though. “What is he doing here so early?!”

She was still lightly dressed in her night gown when she let him in. Fola had left just a few minutes before. Looking at her in that see-through silk dress hardened him.

He made to hug her but she consciously avoided his embrace. She bolted the door and turned briskly towards her bed. Her butt swaying seductively. Her bed remained untidy and there was a general feeling and look of neglect about the room.

“What’s wrong baby?!” He asked, darting daunting eyes around the room.

She ignored him and asked what he wanted for breakfast instead.

“I’m not eating anything until I know what exactly the matter is.” He said, with a slightly raised voice.

She rolled her eyes and tucked herself back in bed. She deliberately raised her night gown as she cuddled her huge teddy bear, revealing her huge, fair thighs.

Bello looked on forlornly and agitated. Little did he know his day would get worse, much worse…

“Is there something you want to tell me?!”

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