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Bello was starting to feel claustrophobic in the unkempt room. Adeola’s mysterious demeanour made it even more unbearable and choking.

He sat with his back against the wall, legs outstretched, staring at his indifferent girlfriend. She had left the bed by now, making half-hearted efforts at cleaning and arranging her shabby room. She didn’t for once, during this whole period, look at him. He on the other hand, held his gaze at her, wondering, pondering.

Numerous thoughts were galloping through his head. None however, could explain why the girl who had read him such a beautiful journal entry just the night before would freeze up on him like this.

They were into their fifth month together  and their relationship had not been through any strain yet. “This is it!” he thought.

She finished sorting the room out and moved onto arranging the books on her reading table. Bello noticed that her journal which was always on the top pile of books on the left side of her table was now, nowhere to be found.

“Maybe she had moved it into the wardrobe.” he thought, trying so hard to ignore the daunting feeling that trailed the disappearance of the journal.

She slipped out of her night gown, her back turned to him. The sun ray coming into the room through the slightly drawn window curtains reflected elegantly off her plump, dark  and sweaty  body. Her breasts laid bare in their full graces as she bent to draw down her  pink  panties. He averted his gaze as his “tool” hardened but he still couldn’t resist ogling, as she made her way to the bathroom; moving in the now ever familiar wiggle.

“Can I join you? I’ve not had my bath too.” He bellowed in her wake. Her reply was a sharp, loud bang of the bathroom door.

He got off the bed as soon as he heard her pour the first bowl of water. He quickly searched the table once again for the journal to no avail. He confirmed that indeed, it had been moved. He then quickly proceeded to checking the inside of her wardrobe. There it was, under a rough pile of wrinkled clothes. He opened it and he was shocked to see that the entry she read  him last night had been ripped off.
“What is going on?!”

She came out of the bathroom some ten minutes later, clutching her towel. There was a certain firmness in her steps and she seemed to have suddenly found a new lease of courage.

“Let’s break up, I’m done!”

Eyes wide open and mouth ajar, Bello was dumbfounded.

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9 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Eight

  1. I think the stress in your orientation camp got to you. “What da ****” . Is this seriously happening? *Deep breath*I’ll just wait for the next chapter. Captivating write up. Well done. Waiting for juicy gists bout camp 😉.


  2. Wow.. I wouldn’t av guessed she could strip in front of him… Not with her not eager for him to hit
    And I kinda dig the abrupt ‘let’s break up’… Done it b4 and at d tym I thought it was d only solution…still wonder if it was d ryt 1…
    Next chapter dz week??


    • Lolz. They’ve been making out and all nah. Undressing before him isn’t gonna be a big deal. He’s been fondling nah! *rotfl*

      Gurls can be pretty weird sometimes anyway. I’m glad you could relate to it.

      Next chapter? Soon I hope… 😉


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