Hey! It feels so good to be back home.

Before anything, I so have to apologise to y’all for my inconsistencies and hiatus out here. I’m sure y’all can forgive me. I’ve been serving the father land! *rockstar*

Yes! We back!! The bang?! Wait for it!!!

I have to confess that I’ve been physically and intellectually  tired these past days. I didn’t get to catch enough sleep at night and my days were super stressful. It hurts that all that took a toll on my writing activities.

We thank God it’s all over now though and I’ve got a considerable amount of time to rest and recover. I still need a long vacation anyways. *smug*

Wait for it!

In the coming days, I’ll be dropping three more chapters for this experience series. Where I’ll be spilling all that went down out there in the #NYSC #Ogun camp. Keep it locked down! 😉

Ehnehn, if there was anything I learnt from my 21 days in camp, it is obviously that I was not made for the “rugged” life. I’m honestly hurt by this realisation anyway, because I often try so hard to go all street and hardcore. But hey, I suck at it. I’m a surviver though, I weather storms for fun. 😉

Indeed, you don’t know the value of what you have until you lose it.

I never ever thought I’d miss my bathroom this much! I mean, here I am, savouring the sprinkler on every bath. Wheew! I miss that shii!! Sitting on my WC for the first time in 23 days brought a wide grin. Dang! I’m so glad to be back home to familiar comfort.

Feign death and see who would mourn you.

These past weeks have been a much needed eye opener. Indeed, it is every man for himself. “Speak for yourself!”

People and things that matter to us are never outta mind.

My circle has taken a major restructuring and reshaping. Hey, who needs 26 sets of teeth if they are not white?!

Shallout sawon goonz mi, awon eruku mi!

Skenty, Femi, Sam, Cabo, CJ, Abu Ameer… Glad I met y’all. My real and weird niggaz! Feasting in maami market since 1909!


9Platoon! 9Platoon!! Y’all rock!!!

My gold winning volleyball ladies, y’all rock! *mwah*


Hey, I’m a badass coach and I’ve got a trophy to show for it!!


To cuties that kept my company when my niggaz went baby-hunting, don’t stress it, I’m coming for you, soon enough… That’s if Meerah consents! Jajajhahajajahahaja! #OkBye

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2 thoughts on “21 LONG DAYS (PROEM)

  1. And here I was hoping you’ll come back with some hard packs and muscle..haha.. Ekabo. We missed yh… And hope you won’t drag out* d series o..with too much suspense.


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