M OR R- Chapter Four (THE ELEVATOR 2)


Check out Chapter One (The Movie), Chapter Two (The Restroom) and Chapter Three (The Elevator 1).


“About time, it’s so overdue!” I turned to face the shiny mirror, soliloquizing.

I set my phone camera to the right and preferred angle and smiled a beautiful smile. “Selfie for the gods!”

I was about to press my left thumb on the capture button on my phone, stuck in a killer pose, when I heard a sudden rush from behind me.

I turned almost instantaneously in reflex and saw two rather elegant and gorgeous girls making their way into the elevator swiftly. One of them had obviously touched the elevator door in a rush as it was closing, making it swing back open.

I cursed under my breath as they hurdled in with me.

They were now both standing in front of me, wearing a somewhat amused and intrigued look. Lo! I was still stuck in my selfie pose and I felt a rush of blood to my head as I came to terms with their bewilderment.

Without even thinking about it and partly to save face, I motioned for the girl closest to me to help take the shot. She was awed but she took the phone almost instantaneously, almost on reflex.

I smiled, the camera flash beamed its ever blinding flood of light and the shutter sound announced the obvious.

Now back in my mojo and groove, I leaned forward and extended an inviting hand to the other girl who had been looking at us all the while and I was so glad she understood the gesture.

She took my hand and moved with a certain unprecedented and assured grace. She had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen, complete with a pair of deep, rounded dimples. Her smile also revealed her diastema. I was completely blown away.

She joined in the photo session and it wasn’t until then that I saw how similar the two girls looked.

They took turn to snap pictures with me, dazzling in buff postures and pouts. We then took a mirror selfie together. Their beauty complemented my handsomeness.

“I’m Idris.” I said, hand outstretched to shake them in tandem.

The first girl, still holding firmly onto my smartphone trumped the second to my outstretched hand. A warm, moist and soft hand clasped mine almost immediately.

“Ramat!” she replied.

I turned to the dimpled cutie and she took my hand in hers too. Strangely, she curtsied, in the most beautiful and sexiest way.

“Please don’t tell me your name is Mariam, I can only be with either Ramat or Mariam and I would hate to choose between you two beauties!” I said, with a seriousness that surprised even me.

The two girls were caught off guard and they looked on, flabbergasted.

“I… I really am Mariam…” she said.

She sounded utterly scared and incredulous. She looked at Ramat for assurances and strength as she spoke.

As they both stared at me in disbelief, I realised none of us had actually pressed a destination key on the elevator keypad. We were still on the same floor, not descending.


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