And Until You Lose IT….You Never know

When a bird flies off and away, sometimes, it never returns. Right then, we regret our lack of judgement…

zuleykhapee's Blog

She poured her heart to me
She wasn’t afraid
She said it me she loved
How bold she was…
But it wasn’t enough, It sounded like a joke
It cracked me up
I needed a woman, a real woman!
Not my mere secretary,
a woman of class!
Of timber and calibre!  

She continued to love me
I could see it in her eyes but she wasn’t for me
I couldn’t just stand it 
Like a bitter pill, like a glass of sour wine
I purposely spilled
The woman didn’t just satisfy my desires
And then I had her fired
You can’t blame me, I was truly tired
I had to quench the fire  

Then the unbelievable happened
I started to miss her, to think of her!!
Her beautiful smile, and loving eyes And how I could have made her mine Her caring soul and kind heart

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