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Night came and it carried with it unyielding waves of chilly breeze. It took its cue from the cold dry day and took it up a notch. It was exactly the kind of night you don’t want to be alone, let alone heart broken.

Adeola felt cold, alone and bare. The ire and frustration that drove her earlier in the day had varnished. In their place were guilt and regret. She had spent the entire day trying so hard to keep busy. She washed all her dirty laundry, cleaned her bathroom, mopped the room, she even rearranged the top of her wardrobe. She successfully blanked her mind and thoughts. Until there was nothing left to do however.

She sat on the edge of her bed, wearing a sweatshirt and also covered in the duvet. The cold plate of rice that was supposed to be her supper in front of her.

“Did I take it too far?” She thought.

For one, she had no sane and rational excuse for breaking up with Bello.
She sighed on end as she recalled the events that ensued earlier that morning. The whole day flashed before her eyes and she fought back tears. The thought of Fola going over the tops when she eventually hears the news scares her too. She has to tell someone and Fola is the only one she could ever tell. Right there, she didn’t even feel up to it.

Almost on cue, the silence was broken by a heavy and loud bang on the door. Adeola jumped back to earth and shivers ran down her spine. The door knob turned immediately, and there was a long, loud hiss from the other side as the door didn’t bulge.

Open this door right now, big head!”
Fola called from outside.

Adeola got up reluctantly and unlocked the door. Fola pushed it from outside, just slightly and far enough, in order not to hit her. Adeola was already out of the way as she unbolted the door. She anticipated the push.

Adeola waited just long enough for Fola to step foot into the room.

“I broke up with Bello!” she breathed.

Fola looked up, as if trying to process and actually comprehend what was said. It sounded so unclear and she willed her to repeat herself.

“We broke up this morning…”

Fola fixed her eyes on Adeola in disbelief. She was dumbfounded as she made her way to sit on the white plastic reading chair.

“Why? What happened?! What did he do?!” she stammered.

Adeola looked on, not responding.

“What is your problem?! At least something must have happened before you decided to call it quit nah… Or you don’t want to tell me that too?!” Fola screamed.

Adeola, still standing  by the door, turned to bolt in the door and walked reluctantly to the bed. She sat down with her back against the wall and pulled up her thighs to her chest. She stared into empty space as she placed both hands on her knees. Her head was also pulled back against the hard, cold blue wall.

“He didn’t do anything, I just felt I needed a break.”

“What are you talking about? What break?? From what?!”

Fola shook her head in disbelief and continued.

“Now I can authoritatively conclude that something is absolutely wrong with you psychologically. How could he not have wronged you and you just decided to break up with him out of the blues?! You are so selfish you know that right? And I’m starting to think you do not deserve such a guy or maybe you really didn’t know how lucky you were to have such a boyfriend who actually listens and does your bidding.” Fola blurted in fury.

Adeola was taken aback and surprised by this outburst. She knew to expect a reaction, but she really wasn’t expecting Fola to go all out like that. If anything, Fola had never shown any interest in her relationship with Bello before. She even sometime struggle to hide her indifference to anything Bello related in the past.

Maybe she had indeed not thought it through. Maybe she had indeed allowed her naivety to cloud her judgements. She had decided on the break-up in five angry and frantic minutes spent in the bathroom.

She knew she wasn’t mad at Bello for something he did directly, she was mad at herself. She despised herself for her self-consciousness and took it out on Bello, quite naively, quite immaturely and quite selfishly too.

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7 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter 10

  1. Ehen… Was in a PTA meeting.. Thought dt caused d confusion but having re-read dz episode. I’m pretty sure I’m confused…
    Like seriously.. She broke up bcos of her insecurities.. Like seriously?… I was actually thinking she had some supposed proof from fola of 1 wrong doing or d other…#kai..


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