It was a chilly evening,
The sun lazily finding it’s way beyond the horizon;
I was lazying around in my room too really,
Fresh from a decent nap.
It was the perfect day to fall in love.

A previously forgotten thought struck my subconscious.
Oh my!
I was late for my first French lesson.

How exactly did it skip my mind?
It must be that dream…
I just hoped she won’t be so mad.

I couldn’t have my bath,
I was 20 minutes late already
And hey! It was pretty cold…
The cologne to the rescue then.

Five minutes later,
Stood afront my tutor’s door,
I was visibly shaking from the cold.
A gentle tap and the door opened in cue.

Behold, my tutor, fair and bright,
All dressed in a strapless pink flowery gown.
She beamed a magnificent smile at me
And ushered me into the amazingly warm and welcoming room.
She pulled out a chair for me and took her place on the bed.

With the pleasantries out of the way,
She proceeded to the lessons proper…

“Le français est assez facile à apprendre.”

I was caught off guard!

Her lips rolled around the words seductively,
Her voice soared at a high pitch with every word,
And her face expressed each syllable tightly,
Giving the sentence a perceived timbre.

She continued,
“Commençons par les bases…”

It was then that I noticed her aura,
Filling every inch of the room,
Adding value and substance to every word.

With her hair plaited, the ponytails suspended
And her arms gesticulating in cue,
I was lost in the present.

Her voice filled the air and called my ears home;
I shifted on the chair as her chest heaved
And her breasts rose and fell in unison.

I gave in to the thoughts jumping in my head,
My mind travelled and my eyes followed her outline…
I beheld the sylph curled up in front of me,
And I blessed the day she agreed to tutor me!


One thing is certain though,
She’s sure to teach me “le baiser français très célèbre.”

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13 thoughts on “EXCUSE MY FRENCH

  1. Nothing drives a man crazier than a french-accented sylph :). With your keen observation and attention to details, brother, you will not know french! Mba, you won’t.

    *clears throat* Maybe I need a tutor too; my french could sink a Titanic.


    • And the wordsmith walks into my blog with the now familiar glamour and inherent dexterity for which i’m always humbled.

      Hehe, maybe I wont eventually get to learn for real, but, i’m definitely owning those lips!!

      Lolz. Go get her brah!!


  2. Hehehehehe! What’s the french translation of “you have killed me” please? Bruvv, I know my level…and my chiefs in the game. Pretty okay with scribbler, if there’s anything by that appellation.

    All these unrestricted french flying first class on this blog ehn, y’all daring my french? You really want me to sink a ship? S’il vous plait won’t rescue you when it starts o!


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