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Oh Idris…
The smile on your lips
Takes me to a far distance
Takes me to sleep
Makes me forget the reasons
For which I weep  

Oh Idris…
Your eyes,
Like two petals
They glow with love
They dazzle, they shine!
And tear up in joy
Looking into them is what I enjoy  

Oh Idris…
Your skin!
The colour of fine chocolate
Smooth like shear butter
It against mine
The best feeling ever

Oh Idris…
Your laughter
Flashing your sparkling 32
The manliness of your tone!
Piercing through my flesh and bones
It tickles my heart
It tenderizes my soul.

Oh Idris…
Your scent, so welcoming
I inhale deeply
Wanting and wanting
Puts me in a trance
I could be in your arms for eternity!  

Oh Idris…
The sound of your drum..
A beautiful rhythm
Moving my hips, toe tapping, belly dancin…
Joy from within!
And you…

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