Gentle Man.

What can I say? First she thought I was acting all so weird and not so bubbly as usual, (keen observations actually) and just when I thought she’s cared enough, she actually wrote me a poem! Thanks dearie, you rock!

zuleykhapee's Blog


He was smiling
His perfectly crafted 32
I must be dreaming!
Behind the curtains,
I’m watching.
Amidst the multitude,
He doesn’t notice me.

He was in a tuxedo
Royal blue and charming
Red velvet bow tie, glossy shoes
And I, in my fake Jimmy Choos
Water, wine or booze?
Oh baby! Whichever one you choose!  

He was dark and handsome
God’s perfection,
a vivid interpretation!
No voodoo nor intoxicating injections Finely chiseled nose
Kind hazel eyes
When will you be mine?
He was funny and intelligent
What a charismatic young gent!
I was told he’s a writer
The sweet words that emerged from his eyes
I mean mouth
Sometimes in French
Fresh! Like peppermint
“Ce èst bon, trés bon”
How I wish he said
“Veux-tu m’épouse?”  

Spying I was once again
My eyes popping
My mind occupied with “oohs” and “ahhs”
And my heart? Firing!
I was…

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