An age long story,
Told across ages…
Told and retold a billion times,
One that never gets old.

A story of hope and persistence,
One told since centuries a dead.
It’s a story of love and it’s eccentricities.

A story of Aphrodite,
Told since the turn of time.
Anecdotes of her beauty and glory,
Told with ascending exaggerations.

Was she without downsides?
Her ill-temper, vainness and unfaithfulness particularly stand out.

Of course, she had been unfaithful to me,
Setting me up with mediocres;
Yes, I’m sure she enjoyed the torment.

Well, indeed, nothing lasts forever.
Not even a goddess’ hold.
I found a more desirable pool,
On my own, without a goddess’ help.
Hey, I don’t remember ever asking for her help actually…
She just often decides to wade into my matters!

Well, the earth has intervened, 
Mother nature found reason.
Yes, karma works slow
But hey! It gets around in the end.
The world finally turns around,
In my favour.
Yes, I’m grateful.

As Aphrodite looks on,
At my new found lot,
I hope it hurts and aches her,
To see me rise from the shadows-
The shadows of my old self,
The dark shadows of compromise and unwarranted excuses.

Hey, it’s a new slate,
A new light
And a new walk.
I step forth in the name of love,

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