Oh ye beautiful sunshine,
Take over my dawn…
Make it yours,
Take everything, take it all.

Oh ye warm sunshine,
I submit to your grace and inevitability.
I give into your control, desires, way and will;
I soak in your warmth aplenty.

Oh ye golden sunshine,
Today as you evolve and revolve,
I promise to love you
At your mildest and hottest,
Till dusk.
And when you disappear behind the thick clouds,
I’ll be up all night anticipating your return.

I won’t sleep nor will I close my eyes,
I’ll fill my thoughts and subconscious
With the warm memories of you-
Of the times we spent together,
All day long when you were up high in the skies,
Smiling seductively at me.

And when the rain comes
And you have to hide bare behind the clouds,
I’ll be here…
Looking up high and deep into the space you so often occupy.
I’ll wait until the storm subsides and the rain drops its last drip,
And I’ll dry off in your ensuing warmth and glory.

You are the symbol of my burning desires,
All day,
I know you’ll be there…
You can trust that I’ll always be here too…
It’s the least I can do!

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