THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Eleven


Bello woke up later that evening very famished. Not surprising however, he was still doused in the pain of the senseless break-up and eviction. He yawned hard and long, as he was tired and hungry. He had slept for four long, sore and sour hours. Although the boring nap was not therapeutic, he still felt strangely renewed, save for the hunger pangs.

He sat up reluctantly on his bed and pushed aside his duvet. He stared at the white ceiling and into the intermediate emptiness. He crawled towards the bedside light switch and turned on the light. The room was filled with white rays, lifting the gloom that surrounded his solitude. He yawned again and made one last effort to leave the bed.

He felt disoriented as he stood, much from an empty stomach than anything else. He saw his phone lying naked on the floor and picked it up. He switched on his sound surround system and connected his phone.

“Yes, Adele!”

He raised the volume as the silent room came to life.

“Nevermind, I’ll find someone like you…”
He smiled a rueful smile as he sang along.

He dashed into the bathroom and savoured the cold, stinging water as it ran down his spine.

“I am not a whiner…” he reassured himself.
Five minutes later, he stepped out of the bathroom and the cold hit him hard in the face! He quickly found his balm and rubbed his chest and arms. He put on a long sleeved shirt and rummaged through his wardrobe for a clean denim. He disconnected his phone from the sound system and rammed in his earplugs. He took a minute to savour the enthralling music pouring unrestricted into his eardrums and gave in to the lure and raw melancholy of the music.

He switched off the mains and lights, stepped out of the room and locked up. Turning left to make his way out of the hostel building, an angelic sight caught him off guard. She was all dressed in a very short and delicate mini-skirt, with a cleavage-revealing tank top to match. He stood there for the better part of thirty seconds, ogling and admiring the ethereal sight and figure ahead of him.

Almost immediately, as if she felt his eyes on her, she turned right towards his direction. Surprisingly, Bello held his staring gaze.

“Good evening.” she called.

Unable to speak and strangely so, Bello raised his hand and waved back at her. She turned, smiled and disappeared into her room, leaving a seductive wave of cologne in her wake.

Bello looked on, bewildered.
“When exactly did a new occupant move into the hostel?!”

His stomach brought him back to earth and he continued out of the hostel. The new girl’s thoughts stuck to his head as he solemnly ate his first and last meal of the day at his favourite restaurant. He watched a football match airing for some minutes before he headed back to his hostel, fighting cold every step of the way.


9 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Eleven

  1. Now you’re talking! Matter of fact, the circumstance surrounding the break is still obscure (Bello could the bad guy), but from what we could also glean, madam isn’t making it any clearer.

    I’d like to meet the tank-top Ms. No, I mean I’d like Bello to meet her. 🙂


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