The Ogun state NYSC orientation camp swung into life by the second week. The camping experiences shifted into full gear thence. For one, there were no daunting and exhausting drills to contend with (except for those that consciously signed up for the torture). This coupled with a bit more time to chill, as against the first week, made for a rapid improvement in the fun obtainable on camp. Yet, it could just be that we were all getting used to the rigour and vigour of the orientation camp.

“This camp is regimented!”

The sight of the camp director and more often than not, the state coordinator, on the parade ground every morning invokes mixed feelings. It’s not like I give the informations and castigations my required serious attention anyway. The state coordinator often came as hard on erring corp members as she perhaps should and it’s worth mentioning that she did enough to make the living conditions in the 5-star camp as good as possible.

“Put a number of girls together for a given number of days and you’ll realise that they ain’t as hygienic as we’re made to believe!”

The camp director was always a light-hearted and jovial woman. At least on first impression. She was always too good to be true for me from the outset actually. She put up her “don’t be rude to any camp official” messages on replay every morning and her regular “CORPER WE-WE-WE!” salutations still ring in my head. Events that unfolded in the last week of the orientation exercise changed my perception of her totally and confirmed my “green snake under the green grass” suspicions.


The second week among other things also heralded the much maligned (in most quarters) orientation lectures. Hmmm! I slept ehn!!

The lectures were supposed to yield a tangible result, exactly why the government had incorporated it as part of the orientation exercise. Yet, in my opinion at least, held by numerous corp members, it’s a precious waste of time and money as it serves none of its intended purposes.
95% of the lectures are drab and boring, delivered by equally drab and ineffective speakers/lecturers. The other 5% that actually made sense were majorly banks and corporations trying to convince us to drop a share of our allowances into their coffers.

Simply put, majority (around 97%) of us learned nothing! All we do from 10am till 1pm is to get into a comfortable posture on the stadium seats, take some selfies or groupies and sleep it off! For the whole week, the lectures were the only downside. Some peeps read novels though as the use of smartphones during lectures was prohibited. *smug*

Yes, that brings me to my least favourite camp official- “MR OBS!” I really don’t know his name, not that I care enough anyway but he anchored most of the events on camp and he seemed to be very important to those in and around the “Orientation Broadcasting Service” setup. So much so that he took different girls to the “mammy market” to feast every other day. The OBS girls obviously because I’m pretty sure his grip gets not beyond there. He makes it a paramount duty to scout the stadium sitting area, under the pavilion, for corp members having and getting needed fun and joy from their smartphones. He snatches caps and tags at will. I guess some people enjoy feeling important. Wheew, I don’t intend to give his memory too much space on this piece!

Yaay! Sports and games!! The boredom and inactivity of the lectures were often replaced by the excitement and joy of the sports available for participation. More about that in the next issue… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Week two was fun, comparatively.


6 thoughts on “21 LONG DAYS (WEEK TWO)

  1. The only thing is seem to miss is everything about the parade, the bands and their beats most especially, some of their stuffs still ring in my head.

    Mr OBS?? Indifferent about the nuccah. Nobody ever seized my tag nor cap; I was a good boy all through ;).


    • THE BAND! Yaaay!! Mhen, those guys are gallons of good vibes! Yes, yes, I miss em too. The bass, the trumpets, their swagger and swaying butts!!!

      The nigga siezed my cap once!

      Jajajahahahajajajaha! Good boy, yeah!! :p


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