THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Twelve


What?! You missed the previous chapters?! Ahnahn!! Ok, not to worry, grab Chapter Ten and Chapter Eleven. I’m nice like that! 😉

A week had passed since the ugly break-up. Actually, it was the anniversary of their break-up. Yet, Adeola couldn’t bring herself to call him to apologise for the rude eviction. She just didn’t feel up to it. She wasn’t strong enough to right a wrong. To make matters worse, Fola had been acting all weird in the last couple of days. She had frankly been avoiding her.

“It’s the least I deserve.” she thought.

Afterall, she had shut Fola out and kept to herself all along, even when she needed to seek her advice and counsel. Adeola has always been a loner, and her overly self-sufficient attitude was beginning to repel Fola and indeed, everyone else.

The days she spent in class were not in any bit productive. She had gone for her lectures only for the attendance. Naturally, she has just one close friend in the whole of her department- Fola. The other two departmental friends she has were plainly sitting mates, they only talk in class.

Adeola found herself thinking mostly about Bello and especially how easy it was for her to be happy around him. Without him, she felt so bored and sad. Going to class and attending lectures actually masked her solitude somewhat. However, the weekend came and her loneliness was exacerbated.
She was in bed on that Saturday brooding. Yes, it was exactly a week without hearing his sweet voice. She only saw his face in her dreams and the emptiness she felt inside was threatening to consume her whole. She had broken up with him, but she seemed worse off. She read all his texts over again and found herself giggling at the sweetness and silliness they conveyed. Tears strolled down her bare face lazily at first and as if they were just getting in the mood, toying with her. They streamed happily down her swollen eyes, unconsciously.

Maybe it was time to tell Fola what really went down. She picked up her phone and called her…


Bello got back into his hostel refreshed. Although the meal was tasteless, he knew it had more to do with his taste buds and emotions than the food itself. Yet, with the availability of ATP, he could think well. All the way to the hostel in the cold moon-less night, the new girl’s thoughts dominated his mind.

As he stepped into the hostel, slow music came pouring out of her dim-lighted room. He paused for a second to listen and soak in the trenor. It was Jordan Sparks’ “No Air.” That night, his dream was wet.

The week that followed the break-up was an eventful one for Bello. On the Monday, he had made sure he was ready for class very early. The new girl mysteriously disappeared for the whole of Sunday and he wasn’t ready to let that happen again. He sat arms-crossed on his reading table waiting for her perceived departure.

9am and the music coming from her room stopped.

“Yes!” Bello jumped.

He waited until he heard her door opened and opened his in cue. His timing was impeccable. He was at his door, locking up exactly as she was. He looked up innocently and innocuously. This time, he called at her first.

“Good morning!”

She turned gracefully and replied in equal measure. She beamed a bright smile and turned to leave. Bello quickened his pace and caught up with her as she stepped onto the front patio of the hostel.

She was dressed in a blue, delicately cut dress, simple, yet intricately designed. It was amazing. She had a brown jacket on for the cold and yes, her cleavage was enticing. 

“I’m Bello.” he said, thrusting out a cold hand.

“Ada… Nice meeting you.” she replied, wincing at his cold hand.

Ada is a 300level accounting student. She has one of those clean, stunningly fair skin that makes you think entirely about mermaids. Her teeth were full, snow white and sparkling, complete with a 0.4centimetres wide diastema. 

It struck Bello as strange that he had not exactly noticed her in the very short time she had been in the hostel. She actually moved into the hostel the week before, replacing the crazy hemp-smoking boys that used to occupy the room. The room was adjacent his and he had made it a ritual to completely ignore it because of the heavy smoke and loud music that emanate from it.

They walked the short distance into campus side-by-side, talking about numerous subjects and she giggled all the way. She found him very sweet and chivalrous. He on the other hand found her smile, gleefully showing her diastema, bewitching.

“Are you going to be free for lunch?” he asked, as they approached her department.

“Uhmm, depends on who is buying.” she teased.

“Ok, I’ll let you buy, just this once.” he replied, winking.

He collected her phone and punched in his mobile number.
“Call me when you’re all set.”

He turned right, to the direction of his department and walked away in a peculiar gait.

Ada smiled and watched him leave for a couple of seconds. She shook her head in delight.
“This might just be it.”


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