Love is a canvas,
Furnished by nature
And established by imagination.

Love is not really something you can look for

It is not scripted;
It comes to you,
It finds you.

Love is free,
It doesn’t cost a thing.
Love is absorbing,
It is an attachment;
You get hooked up so hard
That other people begin to question your sanity.
Love is a commitment
It is a pledge-
To keep someone tightly bound to heart
And mind their interests.
Love is considerate
And equally opinionated.
Love is chivalrous and gentlemanly.
Love never projects in straight, smooth lines.
There are always twist and turns,
Bumps and bends.
When you are in love,
You are in love.
You cannot control who you fall in love with,
There are no switches.
There is no “unloving” love figures
Extent, quality and quantity may change
But love often remains.
Love sets you free;
Yet, it is a bondage,
An exhaustive bondage.
“Feelings is the language of love and attraction is its eyes.”
I wish you a great and prosperous new year, filled with laughters and surrounded by beautiful, beautiful love. 

6 thoughts on “WHAT LOVE IS TOO

  1. “Love sets you free, yet,it is a bondage,an exhaustive bondage”..you ‘ve got a 9ce piece hir..A perfect piece 2 start the new year.*wink*


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