Men in general, most of the time (very close to all of the time), are often attracted to at least one feature of the opposite sex. Most often, they are attracted to what they see and less often, feel.

Some might tell you otherwise, “all of you is attractive” and all. Hey, to what end? Yes, a few of the female breeds are close to perfection. Yet, it is much closer to sweet talks and stroking fragile egos than stating the honest truth.

Most men crave something to adore in a woman; a peculiarity, a specialty. A particular spellbinding part of her. Of course we know she can’t be perfect. That’s why we need to be treated to those qualities and virtues that really make her special.

It could be her beauty, her mole (being a nevisexual), height, body, delicate hands, straight legs, hair, voice, demeanour, intelligence, delicacies… The list is endless (looks like a part of my list though).

Men look at something that sets a woman a mile apart from the group. Now, it is only natural to keep moving if there isn’t an anchor to keep us grounded.

What a man is attracted to in a woman obviously depends largely on the man. Of course, we are defined by our choices.

Attraction, relative to men, is a function of his own self esteem and desires.

Some men define attraction with beauty. They could be right. Aren’t butterflies attracted to brightly coloured petals? Not like they are bugs or anything though. 😀
Yet, it looks like the universe itself, in all of its glory honours beauty and revolves proudly around it.

So, yes! Beauty is the sight of attraction!

It graces every gathering, charms and commands fellowership and takes the centre stage as the cynosure, drawing attention.

Against popular opinion however, beauty isn’t all about the pretty face. Yet, for the purpose of this post, let us assume we are referring to the cute face and perfect body.

Yes, just like all things ornamental, men are attracted to beautiful women. Most of the time, to show off in their immediate circle. “They” enjoy the company of gorgeous women and the attention it brings. They are attracted to the physical.

Other men, more in touch with their roots, who listen patiently and attentively to their mothers and who basically look more to the future than the present are attracted to a woman’s demeanour.

Indeed, support, love, care and loyalty, among other things can be deduced from a woman’s general behaviours. Behavioural attraction reeks of maturity. They don’t get any better than that.

Well, for some of us, intelligence is supreme.


Intellectual attraction is intricately beautiful. It is always so exciting and awesome finding someone who can relate with us on a whole lot of fronts. The attraction is automatic, you just click.

A man should realise how lucky he is if by some weird and favourable fate he finds himself with a being that is attractive on all fronts…


13 thoughts on “ATTRACTIONS

  1. Yeah. Buh funny enough, most don’t realize how lucky they are. They still find something to be discontented about… Then their eyes will start attracting other things #smh

    Best I’ve read in months.. Kudos sir.


  2. Ah, nice. First time I saw the word ‘Sapiosexual’, I fell in love with it. There is something about intelligent minds, they enchant you, educate you, and challenge you all at the same time. They make you scared of being mediocre, and I guess it’s a real good thing.

    While it’s okay to trip over the voice, height, and all of those, i’ll agree with you on this amazing truth- intelligence never stops being beautiful. It assures you that while every other thing may tend towards depreciating, there’s still some level ground to play on where you keep reminding yourself why you ‘fell’ in love in the first place.

    Nice piece Mister.


    • Yes! I finally get you to agree with me on something!! Yaaay!!!

      Oh! How I hate mediocrity! Funny enough, most pretty faces reek of it nowadays…

      Again, as always, you strike all the essential points. Thanks mademoiselle.

      Btw, Jolade introduced me to the word ‘sapiosexual.’ About time she knew. 😉


  3. I think a guy/man who isn’t attracted by/to beauty ad initio should be made to lie and flogged like he stole the ballot box. Even the Pope. I kid not.

    Again, I think what sets men apart is what they see or get attracted to after the obvious or outward beauty (outward beauty alone is just not enough); it gets one thinking “she’s more than just a pretty face”.

    One most likely won’t find the at-all-fronts beautiful ma’am (please introduce us if you know one already *smiles*), but hey it’s already goodluck if one finds one with just enough blend of varied beauties. I shall stop here, before I write something I won’t be able to explicitly explain. 🙂


    • Being attracted to beauty ad initio is normal and dare I say it is warranted too. It’s human nature to be attracted to something, abything that is pleasing to the eyes. Now, flog if otherwise? Nah, really not. I can authoritatively tell you that there are loads of other virtues that attract better than beauty (i’m a sucker for diastema anyway :p ).

      Intelligence and good demeanour are my top two.

      Yes! You hit my nail with the second paragraph, my point exactly. 😉 “More than just a pretty face.”

      Boss! There is just one around and btw, it’s weird that I know loads! Hahahahaha!

      Yes! “Enough blend of VARIED BEAUTIES!” I believe I see what you’re saying… 😀


  4. I will say; I’m attracted to an intelligent man. who cares whether you are handsome and possess an empty skull with no iota of intelligence.

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  5. I agree with sheedart some guys will never be content with what they have, they always want more. That said, it’s wisdom to look at other qualities apart from a pretty face, coz for real it won’t last forever. I always like to be around people that challenge me mentally, it makes the friendship or relationship worthwhile. 😉


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