THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Thirteen


The phone rang for thirty long seconds before it gave the ‘no answer’ message. Not to be deterred, Adeola redialed.

“Seven, seven-seven-seven is a number Olu…” the caller-tune blurted.

Fola was just getting out of the bathroom when the phone rang for the second consecutive time.

“Who’s rat?!” she called as she moved towards the phone buzzing slightly on the bed.

It was a very cold morning and she just had a warm bath. Seemed like the warm water did nothing to douse the cold that enveloped her as she was shaking terribly.

“Hello, good morning…” Adeola greeted.

“Kaaro!” Fola replied.

“Are you in?” Adeola asked.

“Haba! This early, where would I be?! I slept in my room last night if that’s what you mean.”

Adeola laughed heartily at her reply.

“Ok, I’m coming… We need to talk.”

“Oh! Really? Ok o… Ehnehn, help me bring your eye-liner.” Fola said.

The line went dead.


“Yes, we had sex!” Adeola said, sitting down beside Fola at the edge of the 4′ bed.

“Really?!” Fola shouted in her characteristic satirical tone, but she was  genuinely shocked.

“I knew it… I said it! So you decided not to tell me till now!”

Adeola knew it won’t be easy breaking the news but she had summoned the courage she didn’t know she had. However, saying it, she felt utterly embarrassed.

“I felt like he broke a promise, an unspoken promise. I actually didn’t make him promise that he would not, he just gave me his words, sort of.” Adeola continued.

“Did he force it?” Fola asked.

Adeola sat up, unable to look at Fola directly anymore and motioned towards the window.

“He didn’t, and I honestly didn’t resist. I couldn’t anyway, I was super aroused and wetter than never before.”

Fola blurted into a sarcastic laughter and rolled on the bed for needed effect.

“He hit it! He hit it!!”

Adeola looked on, motionless and shocked. However, she was not utterly surprised at Fola’s theatrics. She was only flabbergasted at the way she made it look all comical and ordinary.

“I wrote and read him a sort of poem. He was really appreciative and I guess I got  lost in the moment. The look in his eyes that night was pure, raw desire and I just couldn’t fight or resist the lure and urge to give in. Not that I was expecting or willing him to go in or something, but when it dawned on me that he couldn’t refrain himself too, I couldn’t bring myself to stopping him. He was gentle and frantic in equal measure.”

Fola was sober, looking intently and listening attentively. She seemed to particularly enjoy the pace at which she said he went. They both stared at the emptiness that enveloped the small, cold room for thirty long and exasperating seconds. The silence choked them.

“So, why did you break up with him?” Fola asked eventually.

“I felt betrayed! I felt like I couldn’t trust him anymore. He knew I wanted to keep my virginity, yet he went ahead. He was supposed to control himself!” Adeola shouted.

She was starting to feel her pulse quicken. The ire had reappeared in her eyes.

“I was in the bathroom when I eventually saw my blood-stained underwear that morning. I had felt sore, showered and just dropped the underwear in the laundry basket that night when I got home, before you came in. Remember? I didn’t get a good look until that morning. I guess that tipped me over.” she continued. 

“Chai! All these mummy’s girls ehn! Was he not your boyfriend?! He kept himself zipped-in for five good months… Abegi! The guy too try! Hanhan! You no know say blood go comot the first time?! You dey tight lap as he dey hit am. You dey moan, dey enjoy am; you no tell him say make him stop o, na when you con see blood na then your head con dey hot!” Fola blurted.

“Look, since he didn’t force you or anything and you didn’t even try to stop him as he was thrusting, you haven’t got a valid point!” she concluded.

Adeola looked on, embarrassed, more than ever before.

“You better call him before someone else picks him up and feeds him all he wants… Do you know the funniest thing? You will still be the one at a loss.”


11 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Thirteen

  1. In the guy-lady-on-the-bed dynamics, it is believed that there’s a point of no return. Maybe he would’ve stopped if they hadn’t reached that point. Just maybe.

    But there was no protest, which essentially makes the above probability a “long thing”. She has a point though; he could’ve helped when he knew she couldn’t bring herself to stop the process…but it’s spilled milk already.

    It’s a tussle between a Bello and two belles. Three can play the game yeah? 😉


    • You’re right bro, you’re very right. There is always that point and ladies know about it too. So, if she let him drag her to that line, then, it’d not his fault. BTW, they’ve been on their saturday cruise for 5 good months, about time I would say… hahaha. *wicked*

      Well, maybe he could have helped as he has always been. Maybe he was on heat too. Maybe he couldnt help it either. And maybe they both wanted to take it a notch further that time… Maybe!

      Yaay!! It’s fork, spoon and plate brah, three can definitely play the game. BTW, it’s one heck of a Bermuda triangle. 😉


  2. there is nothing like the point of no return in the lady-guy-on-bed-dynamics, well I think I kinda understand adeola’s point of view in d story…..she was new to such kinda feeling, she just wrote a poem for him she was riding on the high wave of love, feeling euphoric and ecstatic, she wanted to remain a virgin, yet wanted the adventure associated with exploring…..she decided to sit and enjoy the ride,letting the guy decide,since he is more experienced and he knows how much she wanna keep her virginity…..I think reality set in when she saw the blood and she realized she had lost something she had treasured for most of her life,and blamed the guy for doing that to her…well If the guy loved her,Maybe just maybe he would have respected her decision to keep her virginity and not seduce her like that……….sowie for the long comment I totally had to get into the character to get that out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow! You totally get her. I actually cant believe you absolutely understand exactly what she went through and her reasoning. Wow, just wow!

      Well, maybe he shouldnt have gone in, but hey, theyve been making out for quite a long time. Poem or no poem, it was always gonna lead to her disvirginity at some point.

      Again, she could have stopped him. Instead, she gave in completely and absolutely enjoyed it.

      I appreciate the long comment dearie, thanks.

      I’m thinking of publishing “that” poem of yours soon. 😉


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