Some people associate commitment with responsibility… Yes, they could be right.
Some others think it is yardstick for gauging maturity; of course, they could also be right.
My opinion? Doesn’t count.

Commitment is a huge word. An important word that is underused, overlooked and dismissed altogether. It is a word, yet a virtue, a salient one.

It takes a great deal of maturity and indeed, some sense of responsibility to be and stay committed to a cause or relationship.

Is it tasking? Yes! Is it worth the fuss? YOU DECIDE!

Hence, it is in our individual assessments and relationship appraisals that our tentative opinions about commitment lie and differ.

For some, there is no point in being committed to a relationship that isn’t working. Yes, it is plain stupid (don’t mind my use of the strong word) to think otherwise.

Assessment… Is it still worth being nailed down by that failing significant other?
Ok, it has been on for a long time, we get it. No problem, keep that anchor tightly tied around your neck… Wait for it, the ocean is within sight.

What I’m saying here in essence is that there is no sense in going down with a sinking ship. There is no point in getting drowned with that titanic because of your blind commitment. Hey, there are thousands of cruise ships just sitting pretty in the harbour, waiting for someone like you.

Now, when the ride is smooth, why jump ship?
It hurts when people who are already sailing on a cool blue sea, riding the brilliant waves, all of a sudden think there is a need to test new waters. “Bhet why?!”

Why are we never contented and satisfied? Again, I think it is stupid when people think the grass is greener elsewhere. Hey! *lightbulb* It’s green where you water it!

Indeed, some individuals suck at being committed. They just can’t stay grounded. They often feel the insatiable need to explore. Why? We’ll have to ask them…

Some will argue that it is a waste of precious time. Why stay committed to a transient relationship? No one really knows tomorrow… It could end anytime, so why stay committed?
Who else thinks it is cowardly?!

Isn’t the uncertainty of what tomorrow holds and might drag in the beauty of it all?
Of course, some individuals enjoy the games of love and the ephemeral joy it brings. Some even find it interesting. Yes, it is much fun; but to what end?

Being in love is beautiful, especially when you’re with the right person. I guess that makes being committed to them easy. Who would you rather be with besides them? Even when there might be better and sweeter options knocking vehemently at the fragile doors of your heart, the decision to stay grounded is an easy one.

Conversely, being committed to one cause is limiting! There are numerous possibilities to explore and experience.

Again, faithfulness and commitment could controversially be two dissimilar words… Hey, what do I know?!


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