THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Fourteen


Fola was now on her feet, pacing the room. The weather had turned windy and Adeola had long left her place by the window, dragging them shut. She sat down by the edge of the bed, directly facing the four-feet long wall mirror- the only thing Fola took meticulous care of. Adeola was staring at her own reflection, unconscious of the virtual gaze the mirror returned. She was reflecting on all Fola had said.

“He doesn’t even know why I broke up with him,” Adeola said, looking sober.

Fola looked at her with disdain.

“It was so selfish of you to break up with him. Worse still, you evicted him with such disbelieving immaturity.”

Now getting agitated herself, she continued.

“You both lost control of your desires and hunger. You should not have to make him out as the bad guy. I can’t even understand what the fuss is about getting disvirgined really.”

Adeola looked on, downtrodden. She fixed her eyes at the mirror in order to avoid Fola’s. She prayed her eyes won’t betray the hurt and tears building up behind them.
“I don’t even know how to tell him. I mean I don’t think I can stand in front of him and look into his eyes. I don’t even have the guts to call him.”

She kept staring at her image in the mirror as she spoke.

Fola stopped for a second, looked in her direction and continued pacing. She seemed flustered and deeply in thought.

“He loves you, just call him. Gather your wits. I’m sure he’s willing to forgive you. Just explain what prompted your rash decision, I’m sure he’ll understand.”

“And what if it’s already too late?! What if he has moved on? I don’t want to make a fool of myself!” Adeola said, looking directly at Fola.

“It’s just two weeks my dear,” Fola said.

She looked at her one more time and thought, “You’re already a fool…”


For Bello, it was yet another Saturday. A day characterised by evening cuddles and kisses. A day he so often spent with Adeola in the not too distant past. It didn’t happen the penultimate week and the last week; but by jove, it is happening this week. Alas! It even started so early! Some crazy Friday night that was…

Like never before, the Saturday morning started brilliantly for Bello. Indeed, the universe was smiling at him. It had taken a whole 10 days for Ada to come around. Some record that is. They had spent the previous weekend together at the cinema. She was so engrossed in the movie they were seeing while he was utterly engrossed in her cleavage. His pulse quickened every time she heaved for gasped from anxiety and fear. She watched the movie while he watched her, for two long hours.

He had made sure she didn’t catch him in the act and had otherwise been a gentleman throughout their first date. They got back to the hostel late that day and he just said a casual good night before retiring to his room.

Last week paid off as she obviously couldn’t contain the desires burning inside of her. It had culminated as she had invited him for dinner the previous evening. He just had to spend the night. Oh boy! What a night. 

Bello woke up around 8.36am, from the best sleep he’s had in weeks. Although weak from an exhausting night, he felt awesome. He rolled around the bed for a while, soaking and savouring the good feeling.

“Ibo girls are awesome,” he thought.

He heard plates clattering and trodded out of bed, reluctantly. He walked off in the direction of the sound and was shocked at the sight he beheld.

Ada was moving with a distinguished grace around the kitchen, naked. She had woken up long before Bello and had sorted out the room and done some laundering.

He was absolutely amazed to see her, in all her blossomness, cooking.

“Who does this?” he thought.

He approached noisily to announce his presence.

“All I want to eat right now is you!” he called.

She turned to look at him and giggled.

“Get out of my kitchen osiso! Put your lazy self back in bed…”

She beamed a big bright smile and continued arranging the plates.

Bello made to leave, took two steps out, grinned and turned right back in her direction. He raced towards her and grabbed her from behind before she could react. Her body was so warm and he wound his arms around her huge waist, clinging on so tightly.

“You’re so cold!” she breathed.

“Of course… Why else do you think I crave your warm, ethereal body?!”

He held on for some minutes as she adjusted to his cold body. His body was arched against hers as her butt was huge and protruding. He turned her right around and the heat escalated.

Alas! He was up and ready to go again…


17 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Fourteen

  1. Bro, nice piece, had to read this immediately I saw it, I think you should make it longer, it’s getting stretched and pls let the release of the next chapter be quick in oda news, Bello is the dude man


  2. Can’t wait tew read d next chapter**crying**wahz gonna happen to Adeola cos shez loosing out I guess………..thumbs up to u Idris of HDM God bless u more


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