We were together in an empty classroom

Long after the closing hour,

Hurdled on two chairs draws together.

The initial plan was solid-

Two hours of rigorous studying.

Before long, emotions took over

And over her hairy legs my hand trailed.

Our heads were nestled,

Right against each other

And she was breathing warmly

Against my fair neck.

At exactly 17:47,

She stood abruptly and made to leave;

Emotions and desires trailing…

“This moment must not pass away!”

Jumping, I grabbed her arm

And spun her right around.

She looked straight into my eyes,

Her eyes betraying vivid arousal;

“Do you want to kiss me?”


12 thoughts on “17:47

  1. ……do I want to kiss You? Seriously ,this girl is still asking If I want to kiss her….I pulled her close and placed my virgin lips on her…and then I remembered, “I haven’t completed the beast within sequel”, I quickly chewed off her lips and rushed home to complete it….So much for studying after all…


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