“Why have you been silent, 

Shouldn’t you lend your voice?”

You should make a stand!

Time and time again,

I look at the persuasive

And sometimes accusing eyes;

“To what end?”

I often end up asking myself.

In the height of my ruminations,

I came to a daunting conclusion-

Nigerians are Nigeria’s problems…

And indeed,

The problems of the world

Stem from the inhabitants.

For a country blessed by God

With numerous resources,

It is pitiable that she wallows,

In such avoidable poverty.

I honestly don’t blame the politicians

And most designated leaders sometimes,

The masses have in their own folly

Relinquished their voice and will.

The people,

With whom the true powers

And decision making lies

Have all gone to slumber…

Trading their worth and birthrights

For meagre bags of goodies.

They forget they are not only ruining

The present,

But also jeopardising the future

Of and for their offsprings.

We have allowed religious leaders

To use us in their selfish propagandas

And despicable lust for power,

wealth and superiority.

We’ve made ourselves the pawns

And the Bishops, Kings and Queens

We protect blindly, without question.

To answer their questions

In straight terms, 

I’ve been silent

because I’ve been ashamed;

Ashamed of my kins and kindred.

I’ve been disappointed in the learned

And those I thought should know better-

The same people I look up to

And I’ve often sought for insights.

It shocks me

That most of the people

We devotedly look up to,

All sway to the beats of polarity

And partisanship!

The religious lines they draw

With blood shine brightly each day.

In these difficult times,

The only thing that spells hope

For me especially is that indeed,

God is not dead…


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