Nestled in the comfort of my breast,

My heart rests in its frozen chest.

Bridling in unalloyed solitude,

Finding unreserved solace in the cold ice

That has so long enclosed it.

It has grown bigger,

Not from the usual care

And love that characterise such increase,

It’s size has increased

Thanks to the cold, thick envelope around it.

Even as it still pumps sanguine, warm blood,

It beats with a restrained rhythm.

No, it wasn’t always all cold and indifferent,

It used to beat with an unmatched grace;

Until that cold and stinging night…

This box is not lonely,

Far from it.

If it continues on this path however,

A dreaded point of no return

Is bound to be reached.

One, two heart beats away…



Honestly, I’m tired.

I’m tired of watching them try and fail,

Tired of seeing them give their all-

All they can absolutely afford…

And not getting any significant accord.

I’m tired of holding out…

I guess this is it then,

This is the day it finally starts melting…

I’m sorry you waited for this,

For far too long…


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