THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Sixteen


“He is stable now, we’ve given him something for the pain.” the doctor said, looking empathically at Mrs Ajewole.

“Thank you so much doctor. Can I go in to see him now?” she asked, pushing back the tears already forming in her eyes.

The doctor dropped off some files on his desk and motioned for her to follow him.

“We will be conducting some tests in a bit, but early indications point to a little case of appendicitis. If the tests confirm our suspicions, we’ll only need to carry out a minor procedure to remove the appendix. He will be up and running in a few days.”

He led her to the private ward where Mr Ajewole was sleeping peacefully.

“There he is, I can’t allow you to stay because he needs to get enough rest before the operation. Be rest assured, he’ll be ok. In the meantime, you’ll need to get these drugs…”

Mrs Ajewole nodded in consent as she collected the prescription list and thanked the doctor once again. She left the room and headed out of the hospital. She went to the pharmacy just across the street and got the prescribed drugs. She got some groceries too and headed back to the hospital.

Some thirty minutes later, the doctor called her into his office.

“The test results just came in and it indeed confirms my diagnosis. However, just to be certain, I had ordered the laboratory technician to analyse his urine too. It appears that his right kidney is impaired ma’am. It can’t be fixed at this stage, so we’ll have to remove it.”

“What?!” Mrs Ajewole jumped.

“Relax madam, it is not a complicated situation. The truth is, he only needs one kidney actually. He has two, so we can safely remove the impaired one without any problem arising.” the doctor continued.
Tears rolled down Mrs Ajewole’s eyes as she soaked in all the doctor had said. She had tried all day to keep her composure but this revelation shook and shocked her. She took out her handkerchief and cleaned up her moist face.

“You absolutely have to remove it right? she asked.

“Yes…” the doctor replied.

“Ok, do it!” she said, downtrodden.

“You’ll need to sign some documents ma’am.” the doctor said, going through a file on his table.

Mrs Ajewole nodded. 


Adeola was ready by around 3pm and she made the short journey to the restaurant where she was supposed to meet Dayo in ten minutes. The doorman opened the heavy glass door and she walked in with a grace she thought she had lost. Her butt swayed delightfully and she beamed a strange smile as she approached the table he had reserved.

“Wow! I didn’t think you’d come.” Dayo said, standing up.

He grabbed the chair and pulled it out for her.

She was dressed in a fabulous golden dress, complete with rose prints deliciously embroidered at the sides. The base of the dress was free and flowing, making her every step both angelic and comfy. She wore a flat sandal to complete the rather simple, yet delicately exotic outfit.

“Thanks, I said I would, didn’t I?” she replied.

Dayo smiled, obviously flattered and elated.

“I love the dress.”

She beamed a big smile and looked up to assess him closely.

“Thanks. You ain’t bad yourself.” she winked.

He ordered two plates of rice with chicken and salad. They enjoyed the overpriced meal in silence and she was grateful for that. They talked little after the meal and left the restaurant some sixty-seven minutes later. He suggested they check out some movies in the cinema but she declined.

“Some other time Dayo. Thanks for lunch.”


8 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Sixteen

  1. Na wa o. Shey we have to come to abeokuta ni to teach you the meaning of long ehn. Anhan. Be making it longer na ehn..

    BTW. Who is an Ojewole’s sef? Bello or Deola?


  2. I believe the Ojewole’s are gon’ fit in tight somewhere in all of this soon.

    Deola’s sashaying and moving on (or attempting to move on); Bello’s rolling in the deep with another. What happens when paths cross…if paths cross?

    Okay, make I no run nollywood-esque commercials here, we’ll grab the next copy episode. 🙂


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