She’s a prude


The subject of my new
Found fascination is a prude,
She has been avoiding me!

Ever since I dug out
Her deeply buried obsessions and desires,
She has been keeping her distance.

Oh yes, she also has a sister,
A twin sister,
One who is totally wild!

Maybe she found her attraction
To me as strange or probably weird,
Maybe she’s just scared of
What she feels,
Especially for a guy she barely knew.
Or maybe she’s just,
Just a shy prude.

As if being prudish is not enough,
This sylph is also self conscious!
Often pulling up her hanging tops
Over an enticing cleavage
Everytime I’m around her.

I sure know how to pick ’em.

At long last,
I cornered her!
She held a withdrawn gaze,
A tentative look of submission.

She couldn’t fight it,
It was either bend or break…

My arm automatically found its way
Around her delicate, ballerina-like shoulders,
And I consciously let my hand
Drop on her right ‘super-mole’.

She heaved, sighed and shivered
In quick succession.
She didn’t fight it though,
She just surrendered to the touch.

I recognised the moment
And whispered sweet, warm words
Into her hare-like ear.

She turned her head,
Away from the tingling sensation
And beamed a glorious smile;
The first and best of its kind.

Yes, she’s a prude,
But not for long…


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