There were no roses,
No chocolates or
Scented red candles.
There were none of the usual shebang…
Yet, it was surreal.
Set in the clouds beyond,
My spirit lept for joy
In the distinguished sight it beheld.
You bared it all,
To my obvious delight
And you didn’t even care for the light.

My broad chest heaved
As you crashed into its breadth.
I closed my eyes and held my breath,
Surely, this isn’t a dream…
I gave into the warmth and tranquillity.
Of course,
You felt safe and secured
As our hearts beat as one,
In that solitary moment.
The cuddle,
Tight yet loose…
Overwhelming, relaxing and releasing.
You whispered into my tender lobes,
Words so warm and moist…
Oh! How it tickled.
“Touch me, touch me all over…”
And in that ethereal and
Goose bumps ladened moment,
You couldn’t have said it any better.
Words so powerful and compelling,
How could I ever refuse?!
Especially when I had been alone,
All day.
I hope you know well
To take care of yourself.
I mean,
For me,
It was just a one-off…



14 thoughts on “ONE-OFF

  1. Sighs!!! This poem is just Val for the baeless or those with far away baes. Very very nice beht Alfa idris imam wee read this. 😃


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