THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Seventeen


Missed out on the previous two episodes, cop it now… Chapter fifteen and Chapter sixteen .


Adeola rode home on a thick, merry cloud.
She was surprised at how much she enjoyed the awkward date and she finally realised just how much she had withdrawn into a hermit hole. It was a lovely Saturday evening and he sure made her day even though she refused to openly show or admit it. 

She checked on Fola as she got back to the hostel, more in hope of showing off her dress and gisting her about the little escapade than anything else. They still weren’t the friends they used to be before the whole Bello mess but at least, she wasn’t avoiding her anymore. 

She turned the door knob and it didn’t yield. She then knocked for little while without any response. 


Not that she was surprised, it would have been incredible to find Fola grounded in her room on a Saturday evening anyway. 

She headed for her room and yanked off the dress, some minutes after taking some belated selfies. She just felt so good about herself and the day. She was also glad she could finally remove all the underlining strappings. She went into the bathroom and savoured the cold water sprinkling on her back. She stepped out of the bathroom quite relaxed and fresh when her phone rang. 

“Dayo!” she called out excitedly. 

“Are you home yet?” the broad voice asked. 

“Yeah. Just. Thanks for lunch.” 

“Okay. It was my pleasure really. I just hope you’ll grant me more opportunities to impress.” he teased.

“Hmmm… We’ll see about that.” Adeola said, giggling. 

“How about tomorrow? How about we go see some movies?” Dayo pushed. 

“Oh, really? Uhmm, I’ll have to check my schedule though.” she hinted.

“Cool. Works for me. Enjoy the rest of today.”

Adeola thanked him one last time and ended the call with raw excitement. It was then that she realised she was naked and dripping. She blushed and grabbed the towel. 


Sunday couldn’t come quickly enough for Dayo. He had to wait a pretty long time to finally get a lunch date with her and he figured she was available. This was a girl that had been ignoring him for ages and all of a sudden chatted him up. He thanked his luck for finally delivering her to him and he planned to make the most of the opportunity. 

“Unlucky him.”

Dayo had the shortest night in recent past as he kept waking up, hoping the sun had risen. Eventually it did rise, but having over-exerted himself in anticipation of dawn, he was fast asleep by daybreak. He woke up and smiled at his own naivety. Dayo had to restrain himself from calling her too early. He waited painfully till exactly 8am to make the call. 

As if by some crazy coincidence, she told him she had just woken up too. She quickly agreed to meet him at the cinema later in the day without the usual reluctance. Although it felt strange, Dayo was pleased. 

“4pm it is then. I’ll meet you at the cinema.”


Bello was having the fun of a lifetime with Ada. She seemed to mysteriously know how to please him. More importantly, she knew when to. For a guy who was coming to terms with the fact that his ex must have broken up with him because he disvirgined her, this was a welcomed development.

She cooks the best meal he had ever tasted and makes him crave the warmth she happily provides on the cold and chilly nights.
To think he never really ever talked about being in love with her as they had just, simply clicked, it was too good to be true. 

Maybe it was just about fulfilling the moments’ needs for the both of them as they never talk about love. They simply craved and enjoyed each other’s company. For the time being, it works for Bello. Actually, the relationship obviously tips largely in his favour. His every needs were met, as often as he wanted and he is generally happy. 

“Long may it continue.” 


4 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Seventeen

  1. The parties getting their games on and seemingly having what makes them happy. I’m tempted to assume everything’s balanced already, but then I’m aware this could just be the beginning… the calm before the storm.

    We’ll get to know for certain with time. 🙂

    Keep it coming bruvv, great job.


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