“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up; because if you pick it up, it dies and ceases to be what you love. So, if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession, love is about appreciation.” -Anonymous.

I honestly and sincerely wish the above statement was true. Yet, women are not flowers, at least not biologically and love is all about possession, realistically.

Interestingly, objects and subjects of love demand to be possessed. They crave it. Indeed, love is also about appreciation, but we most often need to be in possession or presence of something valuable to truly appreciate it. If not, it would just be a mere passing admiration.

“It’s human nature to crave and want what it truly appreciates…”

Love in itself is possessive and equally demands possession. When we are truly attracted to a flower and hitherto admire it, we would definitely love to pick it up from whence it grows. We can either decide to move the whole plant and plant it in our own backyard garden or we can just find ourselves a pretty little flower vase and put the flower in it, with just the right amount of water to keep it alive.

What are the alternatives?

Well, you can decide to leave the cute flower untouched and watch as it gets picked up by someone else, anyone, possibly for a very quick sniff. When they are done sniffing, you’ll also find yourself watching from the confines of your comfort zone as they drop the flower, that same one that you so unapologetically appreciate, on the cold, hard floor.

Apart from this, all things go… the flower dies off on its stalk eventually… oops!

My point is, if you love, adore and appreciate something, you own it. You make it yours, you personalise it. Indeed, you’re not always gonna be the only one who has that interest and love in things. There is competition, there is always competition.

While you are appreciating her, eyes and mouth wide open, someone else is possessing her. The question is, would you still appreciate her when her love is in the possession of someone else? If yes, would it matter to her or be meaningful?

Oh wait, wouldn’t you wish you owned her heart and be contented in the knowledge that you can appreciate your own all you want and for as long as humanly possible?
Yes, I must have been ranting again. Let me know, what do you think? 🙂


9 thoughts on “LOVE AND POSSESSION

  1. This is all manner of sweet and interesting! I love the Idea of taking the flower to plant in your own garden, and do u know proven by me cos I av tried it, adding sugar to water in a flower vase elongates the flowers life.which in my contest I relate it tro being all sweetlike sugaar and nice to a lady and she will keep being yours. Oh I kove this piece(y) Depearl


    • Wow. Thanks for this input. Yeah, the sugar should aid diffusion of water into the flower. Movement of molecules from region of higher concentration to lower concentration and all… jajahahahajajahah. 😀

      Of course, when we care for and are nice to our ladies, they often stay. Sugars and all… 😀

      Thanks b, much appreciated. :*


  2. Ok, I believe in your school of thought which says the flower can be shifted into ‘my’ compound where I can nuture it and watch it grow and grow and grow, and possibly make it immortal….how I wish.

    Before you made this point, I had felt a strong believe in the quote, ’cause I was like, “yeah, why would you want to just pluck it, since it would die off in a matter of minutes, and it wouldn’t be there for you to ever lover again, so, instead, why not just leave it be and then you can be able to see it anytime you pass by it….but I forgot truly, you ain’t the only one admiring and wanting to own the flower”.

    This is truly beautiful a write up, and a topic of discussion per se. Thumbs up bruv!!

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