THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Eighteen


Adeola alighted from the motorcycle at about 4:13pm. She was livid, as her painstakingly packed hair was all out of place, thanks to the crazy rider who sped like his head was literally on fire. She gave him one last daunting look as she paid her fare and walked briskly through the large open gate of the Feral mall which housed the Freeway cinema. The thought of the famed ghost rider movie put a delicate smile on her face.

As she walked towards the main building, she was taken aback to her first visit to the seven-storey glasshouse, just two months back with…

“Ok, there it was again…”

She shrugged off the resurfacing thoughts of Bello and shifted attention to the impending fun.

Adeola was casually dressed in a pair of skinny blue jeans and a purple, low neck top. She had been trying to convince herself all the way that it was just a cinema date, it should not be elaborate. Of course, it was Sunday and no one really cares that she decided to go out all casual; complete with a flat-sole slip-on.

The door automatically slid open as she made her way into the main lobby. She turned in the direction of the solitary elevator by the right and pressed on the call button. 20 seconds later, she was in the narrow hall of the cinema, up high on the sixth floor. Just then, her phone rang.

“Oh, Dayo… Hello?”

He had obviously been sitting across the hall for a while and he walked towards her as she emerged from the elevator.

“You’re punctual, I like that.” he said, sarcastically.

Adeola smiled back at him and they were locked in a quick embrace. He grabbed her hand and motioned towards the box office.

“Hello, what movie is on now?” he asked the beautiful attendant.

“Fury, Over The Country Spike, Behind Enemy Points…” she recounted, almost automatically, with a broad smile.

“What is it gonna be?” he asked Adeola.

“Uhmm, fury sounds cool…”

“Fury for two ma’am,” Dayo said, facing the attendant.

“That would be #2000.”

Dayo retrieved the movie tickets and they headed for the cinema room four, after they got popcorn and drinks. The movie had started, so the cinema room was dimly lighted. Adeola held on to Dayo as they consciously made their way to the rows of seat. Adeola stumbled once, but Dayo was right there to steady her ascend. They sat in the middle row and settled in to enjoy the movie, which was already twenty minutes in. 

It was so chilly in the room and Adeola found herself leaning towards Dayo on the right for some warmth. He noticed the bumps on her arm and drew nearer to her, playing his big, long arms around her shoulders. She collapsed into his chest and the inherent warmth.

Some minutes later, the mood set by their posture and the movie, Dayo made his move. He had been staring at her for a while and she had finally turned her head in his direction. He held her gaze and arched his head further down, towards her trembling lips. Her lips were cold, but they came to life as he enclosed them in his. She heaved, opened her mouth and let out welcoming warmth. She couldn’t resist, she was powerless in this embrace and warmth. She was getting ready to actively involve her tongue when her phone rang.

“Oh bummer!”

She wriggled free from his manly locks and fumbled through her bag for the phone. She quickly silenced it as flaring eyes were already glowing in her direction.

“Hello mummy,” she said silently.

“Hello dear, how are you?” Mrs Ajewole replied, solemly.

“I’m good mum, what’s wrong? You sound somehow.”

Nothing, just called to check up on you.”

“Lailai! You don’t sound like nothing is wrong. Tell me mum, kiloshele?” Adeola insisted.

“It’s your dad…” Mrs Ajewole said, bursting into tears.


Adeola stood up from her sit and walked briskly towards the exit as Dayo looked on.

“What’s wrong with him, what happened?!” she asked with urgency.

“He had a damaged kidney removed yesterday but he hasn’t opened his eyes since then. The doctors said he’s responding to treatments but he isn’t moving.”


Adeola was in tears by the time the conversation with her mum ended. She was devastated and couldn’t believe her healthy father would need to have a kidney removed let alone being in a coma. She found it difficult to believe.

She headed home immediately, all thought of who she had been with and what she had been doing before the call totally blocked.


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