Gracias Amity for inviting me to share my thoughts on love.

I’m required to share my thoughts on love in 10 lines, using four words in each line and each line to include the word love and give my favourite quote on love.

It’s a pleasure to be sounded out by the poem-goddess herself and I hope my account isn’t too gothic for the spreading love campaign.


            Why is love constricting?
          Thought love costs nothing…      
        Alas! Love appears unaffordable.

             Shouldn’t love be blissful?
             No, love holds torment…

                    Love is not here,
                    Love is long lost!

              Love is quite imaginary,
                 True love exists not.

                  Love? No! Only lust…

My favourite love quote:


I’ll also like to invite the following people to share their thoughts on love…

Sir Joe


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