I was on my way to a very secret escape on a sunny Saturday afternoon when I was taken aback by love so sweet, innocent and exuberant.

God knows everything was working against me embarking on that 2hour journey late into a boring weekend.

First the ATM machine made sure I sweated my Dior polo shirt wet, then I faced the daunting prospect of a heavy traffic congestion.

Anyways, thanks to the never-say-die attitude inherent in me, I forged ahead in hope and optimism. What was the alternative? Return home and watch the weekend drag reluctantly along? Nah! That would kill me.

Yeah, I was about to board the second cab, enroute my secret escape when I saw them. Right by the side of the car, these little love birds were all puppy and dove, giggling endlessly. It wasn’t a all-over-her kinda thing. It was a I-really-dont-want-you-to-go kinda thing.

They clung to each other and were staring intently at each other. Muttering sweet, silent words. I tried so hard not to listen in on them. By this time, I was in the cab, nestled at the back seat, seething that the guy wrongly told me the front seat had been occupied. I guess he was too occupied with the awesome thoughts of his girlfriend to actually give a heck about what I asked him. I really can’t blame him for not thinking so straight in that moment of magic.

When we finally got to move, his eyes said it all. That uncontrollable conundrum of I-know-you-have-to-go-but-I-sincerely-wish-I-could-make-you-stay.

I looked into his eyes and all I could see was her… nothing else, just her. Remove her and his eyes would be empty, blank. Right then, for the first time in my twenty-something years of historic existence, I was jealous of what those guys got.

I should tell you she wasn’t chic nor was he hip and hop. They were just what you would describe as two everyday people… sane, happy, ordinary and in love. They got each other and they looked ready to conquer the world…

Who doesn’t want that?


8 thoughts on “A TRUE LOVE STORY

  1. Hmmnnn. I dunno anyone who doesn’t.. It is in fact what we are all in pursuit of…

    BTW. Shey you’ll not come, let you & I practice ehn…#tongueOut.


  2. Eyi po ooo! Who says I don’t want something that looks like that, or even more if possible?! *sigh* My supposed girlfriend will sha locate me some day. Been having this feeling she’s stuck in some tree somewhere. I pray she gets off it, and then locate me before it’s too late sha.

    Nice one.


  3. we all want it…..But then again, I give them a year, life has a way of screwing us up…very few people Who were once crazily in love, ends up together


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