THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Nineteen


Don’t you tell me you missed the previous episodes. I’m mad at you but well, cop it here >>> Chapter Seventeen and Chapter Eighteen.


By the time she got home, Dayo had called her cell severally. She eventually switched off her phone and sank into her bed, wailing. It was around 8pm before she woke up. She had cried herself to sleep and she felt more miserable. She switched on her phone and called her mom.

Her mom picked on the second ring and she sounded calm that time.

“Should I come home tomorrow?” she asked.

“No, no! Stay in school. The doctors said he’ll be fine. He’s breathing normally now, he’s just not moving yet. They said he’s adjusting to having to use one kidney to function.” she breathed.

“Ok mom.”

“I’ll let you know as things develop, ok?”

“Ok mom, bye.”

Adeola ended the call and the only person she wanted to see and talk to was Bello.


Ada had been away from the hostel for two whole days without notice and Bello was beginning to suspect some foul play. His chat messages were not delivered and the operator kept telling him the obvious on every call. How could she just leave unannounced?

“This is it,” he thought.

Bello was so happy the boring and lonely weekend was coming to an end. It had been so long he last felt like that about a weekend.

Frozen thoughts of Adeola swept through his mind and for the first time in a long time, he didn’t fight them. He entertained the long locked memories in a nostalgic reverie and just as he was about to conjure her shape and face in a dream, his phone gave a loud shriek.


Even as she tried so hard to hide the strain in her voice, Bello could hear the pain from a mile away. Even though the call surprised him, he knew that something was wrong.

“Can you come over, please?”

The question came off rather as a request. More like a summon. Bello noted but dismissed the thought. It was Adeola afterall, she never allow herself to come across as needy even when in dire need.

“Ok, I’ll see you in a bit.”


Bello intentionally waited till around 9pm before he set off. Whatever prompted her to call him out of the blues, he was determined to spend the night at her place. A brilliant way to end a drab weekend and prompt a new one that would be. He wore her favourite of his colognes and set off on the evening chill.

“Oh! I’m so sorry. May God grant him the quickest of recoveries… Don’t worry, he’ll be ok.”

In the sober moment, tempered emotions flared as their eyes met in the dimly lighted room and they both couldn’t resist the pull.

No words were needed. He was there, proof enough they both missed each other. No explanation was needed at that moment too and no apologies were tended either.

She succumbed to the inevitable and encouraged his approach with a seductive now-is-the-time-to-make-your-move gaze. Her glare was not lost in translation and he responded accordingly.

They were locked in a tight embrace and when they figured it had gone on long enough, they both moved their heads in sync and hitherto locked lips in a ferocious hunger and desire.

Hands trailed and worked frantically… Buttons fell off in tandem and zippers were noisily undone. The lights went out and moans trailed the corners of the small, dark room… 


11 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Nineteen

  1. Really??.. Dts all?? Choi… You are worse than those alaba boiz that split series into 3 episodes per season, just to elongate it & make more money…#scowl…

    Anyways.. Love the last part.. Not so much the content as the way it was portrayed.. #nice.


  2. Choi! These two ppl! Glad ada is gone sha…poor sidechick :( in ehn idris since last year? Come on..u can just dm me how it ends and I’ll forgive u for forgetting my bday!:D


  3. some sigh of relief kinda episode. Finally!!!,Baba God thank you o. Wishing her pops quick recovery tho and the way you write your porn ehn, lips are sealed!! Nice episode b, looking forward to the next one. 😘😘


  4. Sheedart was so right on the point, someone just showed us his Alaba side.

    Please what is a subtle porn that leaves the big picture to the imagination of the audience called? Maybe when I have the word I’ll know exactly how to comment. 🙂

    PS: Dunno what I’ve done to your blog, my comment wouldn’t update (I’d written one before this). I hope you get this.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ahnahn! Uncle Joe! You too?! *arms-crossed* I dunno what yall are talking about… :p

    Soft porn?! Hian! This is merely… ok nevermind. *eyes-rolling*

    Oh really? Must be some wordpress glitch. 🙂

    Thanks paapi, as always.


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