THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Twenty


Bello rolled excitedly out of bed at exactly 5am. He hadn’t had much sleep as his mind was pretty busy all night connecting dots. Adeola was fast asleep as he trod towards the bathroom which doesn’t justify the huge amount paid as rent. The water was cold and he winced with every drop that landed on his back. He used a considerable amount of her liquid wash and savoured the slippery feel on his skin. He left the bathroom all clean and refreshed.

Adeola was still snoring softly as he emerged back into the small room. He took a quick glance at her naked body as he quickly dressed up, hurried by the striking cold. When he was done, he tapped her gently on the shoulder and announced his departure. He kissed her forehead and proceeded towards the door, not really sure she was out of her slumber.

The morning breeze was very cold outside. Bello walked home hands-in-pockets as he braved the harmattan. It was still dark when he arrived back to his hostel. As he walked towards his room, he noticed that the light was on in Ada’s room, announcing the obvious. He gave her door three short, gentle taps as is their tradition. Five seconds later, the door opened slowly and stopped halfway. At the sight he beheld, Bello sincerely wished he hadn’t knocked.


Adeola woke up from the long, pleasurable sleep some minutes after six. She quickly glanced at her right side and realised that Bello was indeed gone. She had dreamt about him kissing her. She sighed and hurriedly got out of bed and scurried to the bathroom. She had overslept, a 7am lecture beckoned.

She got to class well over twenty minutes past seven. As it is the tradition of Professor Olagunju, the classroom door had been locked at exactly 7:05am. She stood outside the classroom for the whole length of the two hour lecture. She didn’t mind the cold, neither did her aching knees perturb her. Bello was back to her grasp, that was all that mattered. Right there, in the unforgiving cold and barely following what the lecturer was saying, she promised never to let go of him again.

Adeola left school later in the afternoon. She had had to endure three arduous lectures and she was as tired as she was famished. She tried calling Bello to no avail. His phone was switched off, according to the electronic feedback she was getting.

She hailed a cab and headed home to familiar comfort and food; while finalising plans to check up on him later in the day at the back of the yellow car.

Fola was sitting in front of the hostel when Adeola arrived.

Haba, you’ve been home all day?” she asked.

Fola looked at her remorsefully before bursting into an unending laughter.

“If I hear say I go school! The cold was crazy!! Were you in Olagunju’s class? Abeg gimme note make I copy.”

Adeola smirked and eyed her as she walked off towards her room. She could hear Fola’s laughter echoing in her wake.

“Ehnehn Fola,” she called, stopping as she opened her door.

“Bello is back!” she shouted.

“What?!” Fola jumped.

She raced towards her room and pushed the door open. She was genuinely shocked.

“You guys are back together?! When?!”

Adeola giggled as she undressed and took pleasure in ignoring her questions.


5 thoughts on “THE BEAST WITHIN- Chapter Twenty

  1. Lol…This adeola girl is slightly idiotic I love her nevertheless :D.. hmm d story is getting more interesting Idris I’m still waiting for ur dm 😉


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